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  1. okay, and another reason i wanted to do unraid is that i wanted to set up the work vm on a different Vlan so only certain ports are open and the gaming vm on a different Vlan with only certain ports open since online games have to have open ports that aint really secure and if someone did get into my network they would only see the gaming pc/ consoles.
  2. honestly I couldnt ever get to work for me. but that was back around 2010 I probably should give them another change.
  3. I get that what I want to do is a pain and I get what you are saying. and I've tried running a VM in windows using programs like hypervisor, orical ect. but I never liked them that much
  4. I just want to use Unraid honestly. Is there more simple ways of doing what I want yes. But I mostly want to learn more and the best way for me to learn is to just do not to mention im getting a server case with hard drive slades to house all my companions
  5. honestly right now there would only be 4. 2 windows machines, a plex server and a storage. and maybe a practice environment since I am about to start studying for my CCNA 200-301 test
  6. there is other stuff i am going to run but nothing that cant be done with the webpage
  7. there wasnt one I just wondering because right now I have a 1660 super
  8. I am wondering could I use one GPU for two different VMs. At different times. I want one vm to be for work and the other for gaming and I dont want to buy two GPU's if I dont have too. I would also be using Unraid to host the VM's
  9. I'm thinking about getting a DS4246 Disk Array Shelf and I'm wondering if I get the right network card could I connect it my computer running windows/TrueNas and just use it as a external hard drive. yes i know this ain't really recommended I am mostly asking to see if it is possible so i don't have to go out and built a whole new PC right away and since its storage self does it require any special software or hardware. Thank You for your time and have a nice day or night.
  10. A few weeks ago I accidentally quick formatted my hard drive and I haven't used it since. Is there a cheap or free way to get all my data back I need help please and thank you everyone