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  1. @garethfunk are you using the performance or Turbo profile on the laptop? As i believe if its set to the silent one it will down clock it by quite alot
  2. @Siker Have you looked in the Nvidia control panel? I had to set the 1660ti to be the phyx processor which helped alot. this also fixed issues i had with VR
  3. @Zeirozh they haveent removed the GA502DU its a whole new product line now. the GA502DU has even been given a new 240hz pantone validated adaptive sync etc display option but its still down on the website as an option. It looks like the model series is being called G15 and is just gonna get 2 new 4th gen ryzen options as like a refresh with more features (i see the newer models have usbc PD and a 2060 option) this doesn't mean the GA502DU will be gotten rid off and forgotten, as i said they've given it a new display option, i compared the link to the UK ASUS page for the GA
  4. @NESHAYI'm still working fine after just removing vent covers. Not sure how Asus didn't find an issue when you did. Maybe they're QC isn't up to scratch when compared to other models or something. But weirdly I'm working fine after no further mods just removing vent cover.
  5. Also has everyone with the issue checked for the plastic covers? Cus I'm no longer having issues but I still see people haveing issues above
  6. Hi all no update from Asus but I have been using this laptop solidly and no issues after fan plastic cover was removed. I emailed chasing them. @rrff @zxcvbnm123 tbh it shouldn't void the warrenty I don't think. Like removing or chipping of a piece of the case by accident. It's up to you once plastic is removed this laptop is a beast. If you brought from a tech place like currys PC World in UK or best buy in US for example try taking it to their tech department and show them the plastic. Maybe they'll remove for you
  7. You could have other issues then as I don't have issues anymore, laptop gets around 75 to 85 on heavy loads now for me at 3.9ghz
  8. Hi all, was adding a ssd to the laptop and I found the issue. To fan vents on the bottom are blocked with a plastic film. Will attach images to show you but when I cut it out and tested rise of the tomb raider and thief max settings it worked fine. Seems like something they did to pack the laptop but not told anyone lol. I cut the plastic out all 4 slots on both vents and now all is fine. I emailed Asus, just awaiting a reply.
  9. Try setting in nvidia settings for the 1660ti too be used in all applications.
  10. Hi all, Asus are still looking into my case with the over heating. I have raised it too them are they are doing tests. I'd suggest you do the same. It's a good laptop just the bios temp curves are fucked. Its looking good on my end as second line Asus support are actually looking to replicate the issue.
  11. @Squilliam I'm looking into the ga502 issues atm as I brought the laptop not knowing these issues. Using Ryzen controller to lower the max temp has given me a temp fix and Asus is looking into replicating and hopefully fixing it for the ga502. I also noticed though that on mine it only throttles down on heavy workloads. So rdr2 for example I need to apply the fix as it causes the cpu to thermal throttle down to 400 Mhz (for rdr 2 I use 68/69 max temp in ryzen controller) But in csgo (which is a easy game to run I'll say that) plays fine on the nvidia geforce experien
  12. @Bobbydigital I just spoke to Asus support and after pointing the 1st line support guy to all the reddit posts and this forum he is now sending my ticket to their second line technical support to take a look and give me advice on this as I pushed for it. Hoping for them to look into this more now.
  13. @Bobbydigital you have to go through the basic help and try the stupid stuff to actually get help. That's how business customer support tends to work. You have a first line that goes through a script and tells you to do basic stuff then after it gets escalated. My AMD ticket is asking me for stuff like what's the chipset driver? What's the temp at idle? What's the temp and voltage at max workload? And before that they asked basics like is it all up to date etc. You'll get there eventually you just need to be persistent
  14. Hi, Thanks for the Temp fixes you guys have shared I got this laptop in the UK and I'm having the exact same issue. Received it last Tuesday, and i have applied the lowering the Max temp fix in Ryzen Controller. Ryzen controller fix helped it quite a bit and now things are playable ish. But as we all know this is not something we should be fixing. I have raised support tickets with both Asus and AMD about this issue, and quoted this forum so that they may see it to try and get this fixed.
  15. Just found this article by eTeknix you should check out. https://www.eteknix.com/phanteks-announces-the-revolt-x-worlds-1st-dual-system-psu/