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  1. So I care less about noise than I do performance. This case has mounts for 2 PSU's I would put the PSU in the bottom one and the dual 80mm fans in the top slot above it. As far as OC'ing CPU I've not really tried much I think I got 4.2 stable. Dust has become a problem so I wanna make sure pressure stays positive in the whole thing.
  2. So I bought the Lian Li 011 Dynamic and I have some questions. It's my first dual chamber case with the PSU and storage on the other side. When dealing with pressure for the case will the pressure be independent for each chamber or will it still all just act like one big box? I plan to put my H150i in the center panel. I have a big problem with dust so I really wanna go super positive on the pressure. This seems extreme but I was thinking of going with dual 80mm out the back PSU side as intake (instead of the top PSU/HDD mount and I know I need to make my own mounting
  3. Hi This is a funny timing Like a week ago I bought the Lian Li 011 Dynamic. I wanted to use my NH-D15 but yeah it doesn't fit. I do also happen to have am H150i Just like they do from corsair but I kinda wanna go back to my air cooler. The clearance issue with the d15 is about 5mm could I just remove those metal points on the top and move the fans down to be flush with the radiator. Also I will be using Noctua 3000rpm 120's and I'am gonna force mount dual Noctua 80MM on the back mobo side. The only thing I can't figure out is the fan setup I want really positive pressure I have dus
  4. I have been looking at buying a colormeter son I have it for all my displays. I think I will go that route. Just never knew really what kind of one to get so thanks. Since I am gonna use it attached to my PC anyways.
  5. So I won a 50" 4K TV. It's a Samsung 50NU6900. I figure it was free why not use it. My computer monitor now is a failing 27" 1080p 60Hz display and I figure I could wall mount the TV as a secondary monitor for my pc but I wanna calibrate the color right. I wanna get the most out of it. My question is how to I go about calibrating the TV to get the most out of it. Also I only have a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 Video Card so I'm hoping that it would be able to support both displays.
  6. I deff want positive pressure. I know that from use over time. Edit: also the 3 120's in the front will be for the CPU cooler. So not sure if I should have a static speed there.
  7. Yeah so that is my main question if I go with this case that has 2 140's on top a 140 in back and 3 120's in front. What would be the best setup. My Mobo doesn't have great fan headers so I'm gonna get a 4 pin fan header. Just figuring which should be exhaust and what kinda fan speed I want is the challenge.
  8. My front fans would be 3 of these https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Mb4gXL/noctua-case-fan-nff12industrialppc3000pwm and the top and back would be 3 of these https://pcpartpicker.com/product/ntXfrH/noctua-case-fan-nfa14industrialppc3000pwm 2 on top and one in rear.
  9. I just meant that my fans can run up to 3000rpm not that I would run that high.
  10. If I went with a case like this https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Crystal-Series-680X-RGB-High-Airflow-Tempered-Glass-ATX-Smart-Case/p/CC-9011168-WW#tab-tech-specs and put my 360 rad in the front and 2 140's in the top and 1 140 in the back and had top and front be intake and back be exhaust but would the one exhaust be enough. It's 3000rpm.
  11. I have one M.2 1 SSD and 1 HDD. The 750D is massive and I'm thinking of going down to something like Crystal Series 680X RGB ATX High Airflow and cutting down the number of fans.
  12. True. I do wanna move to like a mid tower but idk why. I don't really need and I'm trying to talk myself out of it but I keep taking myself into it.
  13. I mean but like can having a small amount of parts in a giant case affect performance?
  14. Is there such a thing as too big in terms of case with respect to the parts you have? Like I have a 750D Airflow edition and I've been thinking of changing to something a little smaller. I have an unnecessary amount of fans (11 in total). I think I should down size. This is my part list https://pcpartpicker.com/list/K6Q4Dx I don't run SLI or even custom water cooling. So is there such a thing as too big when it comes to case size?
  15. I don't need to be running quad channel for XMP to work do I? Also does slot assignment matter? I'm using A1 and C1 cause I thought B1 was dead but I don't think it is but haven't tested it yet. Thanks