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  1. Definitely not misunderstanding the forum. But we could go in circles all day. Overclocking is a function or "aspect" of the umbrella term known as personal computing not an "indistinct" foreign member. Tree branch if you will. Anyway that's just my thought I don't intend to cause any strife here, just thought I would add my 2 cents since I was linked to this thread from the old one so i give my take on the situation. In other words, you NEED computers and need to be knowledgeable in computer technology before you can overclock. You chose not to overclock that's your loss not mi
  2. I really don't get the complaint from the moderators about the extra board just wasting away and staying empty and just another fragmentation of the forum itself. A forum this busy, with this many "members" would have no problem keeping a sub forum like "benchmarking sub forum" active and full of life. We do it at TPU with half the traffic or less. Just saying you close it down before you even try it is not really an effective way to "grow" the forum as a whole.
  3. In regards to the picture, its the motherboard that's the reason I'm posting it (I still have the board, I just need to get the capacitors replaced). the gun was just laying there in the front. it's an airsoft glock replica that fire BBs that is in no way connected to this thread.
  4. That link is not slow at all. Then again its plain text so someone on 28.8K would probably load almost as quick(maybe 30 words or so. If you have some graphical stuff on the website or the actual server, it might help narrowing it down. It's been permanent for a couple years- since I've joined. In all likely hood I would be much more active on the forum if the website responded quickly..
  5. I've owned a bunch of these Taurus SHOs over the years, kick ass engines that are basically bulletproof and made by Yamaha to they are finely tuned at 76 HP/Liter from the factory. Snowmobile friendly? Arctic Cat 1994 WildCat 700 EFI (two stroke of course, that's all I run)
  6. Didnt want to make it out like this is 100% a forum issue. could be something else, it may very well be an issue on my end, perhaps. But like I said, I dont seem to have the same problems with other forums I attend.
  7. Browser, version and OS: EDGE must current version Windows 10 most recent release Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? Click on notification bell with major delay before the list pops up on the screen What happened? Click the notification bell and there is a major delay before it opens. Also happens when posting a new thread. Takes forever. This does seem like a "global" forum issue to me, FWIW What did you expect to happen? For notifications to pop up in a timely fashion Any other relevant details:
  8. Thats right. Gonna see if i can up the ante right now. Doesnt want to post into windows when I go over 100.81 on the base clock.
  9. Looks great shrimp! And just post again later if you get a better result, that's just usually the way I've done it in the past.
  10. This guy does, and here's to hoping some of you do to! Seems like there has been little bit of interest to get this restarted. Just earlier today I had a successful overclock session with the 9600KF rig and got my single core result a bit higher than ever before. Let's see what you got people. Same rules as before: I know we have done this before, and that got mucked up, but I'd really like to see how the newest generations of intel / AMD processors have changed the compute processing power landscape. Lets stay respectful and see what ya got! If you've got some of the n
  11. Yes, I have some confidence here to be able to make this particular upgrade work but I will likely have to throw the QX6850 in my P5Q3 rig first to get the microcode needed, then I should be in business if all goes according to plan.
  12. Budget (including currency): $40 USD + up to $100 additional budget for better low profile cooling of the XQ6850 (if the current reeven Brontes low profile 90mm cooler doesn't cut it) Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: CPU-z, AIDA64, HWInfo64, HWMonitor, Core Temp, web browsing / youtube / benching / thermal testing / purely for fun because it's ridiculous! / test bench / etc Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you wan
  13. Some of my personal thoughts on using UBM for pre "binning" and CPU overclocking ceilings in general... We have become heavily dependent on synthetic benchmarks to give us confidence, and I think another way in which userbenchmark brings key statistics to the fore is the way they compile and display your CPU's actual benchmarking results in visual terms. First, you have a sliding scale at the bottom that indicates relative performance against the 9900K. Then, you can see exactly how other people with the same CPU as you stack up, again, in visual terms. Once you have a large enough be
  14. The userbenchmark comp is still pretty popular with over 3K views so it's doing alright for itself. And don't get me wrong, I'm all for livening up the contest. I didn't want to do the CPUz thing again for a couple months so userbenchmark was a substitute to buy a little more time... I thought people could get on board with. The sad thing is that I'm sure there would have some interest if people had not swooped in and bashed the entire idea before it got off the ground. Makes everyone timid is what it does. I am going to give you some background on userbenchmark and how effective s