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  1. FYI all of my benchmarks on that page are competitions. In fact I never do "post up your score" type threads at all. So I understand your point there. I just posted that snip because it's an example of the kind of content you will see in a dedicated benchmarking type forum. Very little activity is relative. Most of those threads will see about 1K in the first month which is pretty crucial and more than enough to spark further interest. A thread with 1K views on the first month on a computer related tech forum is actually pretty decent. But all that being said, if ther
  2. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I think it the best example I can provide would be a screenshot like this from a dedicated benchmarking sub-forum. These are the types of threads that are specific to the benchmarking content we want and so they get put here.
  3. Okay very cool. I will give it a go per the recommendations above and see if we can get any interest. I guess if it takes hold at some point, everyone will know what to do. Thanks guys, I'll get something in the works in the next few days.
  4. We have great viability with the benchmarking sub forum at TPU. It's not dead in the least, and that's enough traffic to sustain multiple benchmarks / competitions consistently for the past few years. It's also a great supplement to the rest of the forum. My confidence rests from knowing we have a good recipe for success! That's why I reached out because I think it could be really fun. Techpowerup is actually a pretty busy forum for the most part, so if it worked there chances are it will work here... Most of my competition runs get at least 5K in hits and we have great staying power.
  5. It's your forum and you run it as you see fit. And I'm certainly NOT here to bash you for not having one, or tell you what to do... just came to mind one day so I thought I would inquire about it, cant hurt. And yeah, going up in forum count is usually a bad idea. It can be a delicate balance that's hard to strike. Personally, I agree, the less sub forums the better in nearly every case. That being said I am a bit surprised with your responses though. It's pretty well established that benchmarking goes hand and hand with computer hardware and many many computer forums have dedicated benchmark
  6. Well, I can give you examples from another tech forum I attend regularly to provide some context for content. These are just some recent threads taken from a direct snip to prove a dedicated benchmarking sub forum can be viable and make for an enjoyable, competitive experience. I didn't build this forum nor am I single handedly taking credit for it's success. You are asking for examples so I am responding in kind. I understand your hesitancy, the need to think it through and that your perspective is entirely your own, coming at this from the opposite side of the coin as administrators of the f
  7. Because it would be a forum attribute. It would serve to enhance the diversity of the forum as well. Giving another tangible layer of content to your members. Like adding a dynameter to your automotive shop is the analogy I used earlier. Benchmarking also brings a competitive edge to the fore, which can further enhance member interest and attention and attraction. Again, so long as the interest can be generated and the content made worthwhile. That is an appropriate question, most definitely. You don't want said forum to whither up and die before it ever gets on its feet.
  8. It could go in other places for sure, as you have surmised. I have nothing against that either, keep in mind. My reasoning is that you can get more viability from benchmarking from a dedicated sub forum as opposed to pixelated threads throughout the aggregate forum universe. I think it would serve enrichen the entire forum - (from a content perspective), so long as the content developers could bring said content to bear and then actually make it interesting for other people.
  9. Okay, forgive me here. But I seriously cannot tell, are you trolling me or something? We just reasoned that there are no specific forums dedicated to benchmarking. I'm simply inquiring about a benchmarking sub forum. I had an idea for a benchmarking competition so I decided to ask about it... the content can be brought to bear, I can assure you of that. EDIT: Do you want exact examples of what I might bring to the benchmarking forum, is that your question? Because I can legitimately answer that as well. Trust me my motives here are all good, I have nothing to hide.
  10. Yeah I just wanted to bring it up to see what you all thought, I get your point. TechPowerUp, for example, has a great benchmark dedicated sub forum for professionals and hobbyists alike. Just offers more content directed towards the people dedicated to benchmarking, and it has proven a valuable resource for them. Just seeing if that interests you guys is all. I totally see it may be not required if it's just done per specific forum, from time to time. But from my point of view it simply makes for more good content for the forum overall, especially a computer - tech based forum. I
  11. I'd be happy to start a benchmarking thread or two, does the forum have a sub forum dedicated to this?
  12. This sound card definitely brings back some memories.. Such a distinctive look, thanks for sharing!
  13. When using the z820 workstation in upstate NY, with the RX 5700 XT, I typically have 4 monitors attached and set up like this: Currently, I'm running my second z820 in Schenectady, sd the picture in my first post was taken with my liquid cooled 9600KF rig, which is down for the count at the moment due to a bad PCIe slot.
  14. This is my setup in upstate NY (Adirondacks) This is my setup at my apartment in Schenectady