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  1. Im sorry, what did you mean when said the i7s will last longerr? I'm assuming you mean better future proofing here.
  2. I assume you are talking from personal experience here? As in your own preferences? (re: Phenom II)? I would have to disagree with your sentiment on the Phenom II chip. They were and still are a pretty decent powerhouse (just look on ebay, they hold their value very well), they run cool and they are very reliable if your OC is set up correctly. Even in stock form, they are a force to be reckoned with. Especially find the DDR3 platform very well flushed out at this point, the platform is actually very snappy with CL7 memory. Matter of fact I hit 33.9ns in latency using aida64 with t
  3. No feel free to add more than one chip! For example, since I love the phenom II so much I decided to pick up the 6180 SE, AMDs 12 core Opteron variant and AMDs last processor build on the Phenom II / 45nm core. This processor is 140w IIRC but supports a total of 4 processors, so my dream has been to find a workstation to put them in. That's 48 cores! But they have proven to be elusive (a workstation to put them in). Can't seem to find anything other than really loud servers to handle these chips, so far at least. Only downside to the processor is that it runs at 2.5GHz and only supports a maxi
  4. For me, thats the AMD OEM 970 BE processor, which was released as a quad core Phenom II. Zosma core chips actually have 6 cores, and sometimes you can get lucky and unlock the two hidden cores, making this chip faster than AMDs flagship, 1100T in base clock.
  5. Woah brother! You can dim the lights, this isnt the vagas strip!
  6. Airflow through that case should be of no concern, you will see this can be substantiated once you get a look at all the fans....
  7. As long is it doesn't turn out looking like this I will most likely give my stamp of approval. Why do i detest this build? First of all, the case is gigantic, so big, in fact, the empire state building would easily fit within the confines of case itself. Also, it looks a bit like something you might find at arcade in the 90s and could very well be a distant cousin to the pinball machine at your local pizza place.
  8. Here is my water cooled i5 9600KF rig. Usually above 5.1GHz due to juiced turbo
  9. First of all, I'm not going to press this issue anymore (after this post), I just wanted to offer my perspective. if we want to continue to chat about it that's fine too but at the end of the day it's not my forum it's yours. and you do with it what you like.. But just to follow up on the above quote: Plenty of my benchmarks have been split into categories based on CPU or number of cores, which makes it fair for everyone. Generally speaking, the team that invests the most money will have an advantage, yes... but isnt that the point of competition? You have
  10. Thats my point exactly. These members need a challenge to work with in order to improve their competency and knowledge of computers. And overclocking is surely an excellent choice for learning the ins and outs of your machine and how it ticks. No better way for training than throwing them it the mix with other people who have much more experience in overclocking. While modern CPUs are easy to OC, there are still plenty of fine tuning that goes on and if you are competing against like processors, you will hopefully learn how to get that last 5% out of your own personal chip.
  11. Definitely not misunderstanding the forum. But we could go in circles all day. Overclocking is a function or "aspect" of the umbrella term known as personal computing not an "indistinct" foreign member. Tree branch if you will. Anyway that's just my thought I don't intend to cause any strife here, just thought I would add my 2 cents since I was linked to this thread from the old one so i give my take on the situation. In other words, you NEED computers and need to be knowledgeable in computer technology before you can overclock. You chose not to overclock that's your loss not mi
  12. I really don't get the complaint from the moderators about the extra board just wasting away and staying empty and just another fragmentation of the forum itself. A forum this busy, with this many "members" would have no problem keeping a sub forum like "benchmarking sub forum" active and full of life. We do it at TPU with half the traffic or less. Just saying you close it down before you even try it is not really an effective way to "grow" the forum as a whole.
  13. In regards to the picture, its the motherboard that's the reason I'm posting it (I still have the board, I just need to get the capacitors replaced). the gun was just laying there in the front. it's an airsoft glock replica that fire BBs that is in no way connected to this thread.
  14. That link is not slow at all. Then again its plain text so someone on 28.8K would probably load almost as quick(maybe 30 words or so. If you have some graphical stuff on the website or the actual server, it might help narrowing it down. It's been permanent for a couple years- since I've joined. In all likely hood I would be much more active on the forum if the website responded quickly..