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    Video Games
    Cool Computers
    and New Technology
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    I am just a regular teenager, trying to learn more about computers.
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    HP Board
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    DDR4 16 GB Samsung
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    Nvidia Geforce 940mx
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    Power Brick
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    17.3 Inches
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    On the Laptop
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    Logitech G403
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    Bang and Olufsen
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    Windows 10

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  1. I like tactile switches (currently have gateron browns and would like to upgrade) Which should I get? Should I get Romer G-Tactile switches or Cherry MX brown? Which has a better feeling in your guy's opinion.
  2. Is it worth updating to Windows 10 Version 1909? I'm currently running Windows 10 Version 1903. Just curious because I've known a couple of the windows updates are buggy.
  3. I have this problem with my HP Envy M7 laptop. When I try to open up like Windows 10 Camera app or use my camera in my Chrome Browser it turns on then turns back off but doesn't come back on but when I use discord to chat with friends via webcam it works? I am very puzzled and I was hoping if someone could help me this. Thanks!
  4. How can I tell if my thunderbolt port is fast enough to support an external GPU? Where should I look to find out?
  5. My brother has a Lenovo Legion Y530 and when he boots his computer up this shows up(picture below). Can someone explain what this means? Is there like a dead hard drive or something of that nature?
  6. I already have my antivirus software from Best Buy (Webroot) so should I turn off windows defender to gain some performance back into my computer
  7. Hello! My brother wanted to upgrade their laptop's wifi card so they can use my family's 5GHz band. I'm trying to figure out what these two wires do. I noticed one of the other computers has a wifi card but is missing a wire. Will, that effects if he can use the 5 GHz band?
  8. Hello! I have a question is your geforce experience opening for you guys? Everytime I try to boot the program it says I have to restart it? Is it just me or is it everyone else and is there a fix for it?
  9. @timl132 I was actually wanted to see the temp in real time
  10. Hi! I need some help. I just want to see how hot my computer is running so I want to see which is the best windows computer software to see the temp of the cpu, graphics card, etc. Thanks! Hopefully you guys can help me