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  1. Informative
    HanZie82 reacted to curiousmind34 in "No Signal" New Acer Monitor   
    It's also worth trying resetting the display in the OSD.
  2. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to Stahlmann in 21:9/ultrawhide su play5?   
    Welcome to the forum!
    Normally people post in english so the majority of the forum understands what you need and is able to help you.
  3. Informative
    HanZie82 reacted to SpacecoreO in "No Signal" New Acer Monitor   
    It started with a DP cable, I've switched over to hdmi and it still happens.
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    HanZie82 reacted to wkdpaul in My trustee i5 - 4690k, 1150 LGA   
    * thread locked *
    chit-chat needs to be posted in the appropriate thread in the off-topic section ;
    "hey look at this" threads should be posted as a status udpate.
    if it's to show off your PC, please use the appropriate thread for that ;
  5. Informative
    HanZie82 reacted to MarvintheParrot in PSU annoying coil whine   
    You are running a few higher power components. (3070) Benchmarks recommend a 750W PSU. 
    Also, on the PSU tier list (in my signature) it was discovered that higher end 3000 series GPU's do not work well with the GX- line from Seasonic.... I would return the PSU and get a different one entirely.
  6. Informative
    HanZie82 reacted to FloRolf in How do i merge the partitions on a SSD?   
    You have to remove all 3 partitions of the drive, then you'll see the bar "unallocated space" will increase and eventually your entire drive will be unallocated space. Then you can simply make a new, big, partition containing all drive space. 
    Again, you will lose all data on that particular drive. 
  7. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to FloRolf in Umm, help?   
    Please don't make multiple threads about the same topic. Just reply to the old one. 
  8. Informative
    HanZie82 reacted to minibois in Tkinter -length error   
    lenght = 360 Length is spelled with th, not ht.
  9. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to TetraSky in EU to start with a "Digital Euro" within 5 years   
    Ah yes... digital money... The same thing I've been using nearly exclusively for the past 15+ years...
    Anyone who pays anything with a credit card or debit card, is technically already using "digital money".
    It's not like the banks are literally taking piles of money and shipping it to whoever you've made a transaction with... It's all digital, from one account to the other.
    So yeah, like others, I don't see the point of this. Seems like something that would just confuse people. Though I am probably missing the obvious difference, it just seems pointless to me and "same shit, new coat of paint" ?
  10. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to ravenshrike in EU to start with a "Digital Euro" within 5 years   
    It's part of the attempt to do away with cash entirely. The government wants records of any and all transactions you are party to.
  11. Informative
    HanZie82 reacted to Kroon in EU to start with a "Digital Euro" within 5 years   
    Yes, we in Sweden have Swish and at least Denmark and Germany have similar systems.  BUT they only work in the specific country.  Digital Euro are not designed to compete with any other currency simply make a homogen system for whole Europe.  A system that you can use online, in physical stores and between two persons (As you can do with swish).
    If anything the Digital Euro will compete with pay services like Samsung and Apple have.
  12. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to Spindel in EU to start with a "Digital Euro" within 5 years   
    Fully agree with you, I don't see the point. 
    In my country we also have a service called Swish that basically means you can instantly send small amounts of money between peoples bank accounts, with a smart phone, or pay for smaller (cheap) things in stores. 
    I can count on one hand how many times I've had cash the last 20 years, I don't miss cash everything is on card or digital for me. Over here even a lot of places has stopped accepting cash as a payment method. I don't see a need for a "digital" currency to reach a cashless life.
    Main users of cash here are: Turists, old people, immigrants (1st generation) and criminals. 
  13. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to porina in EU to start with a "Digital Euro" within 5 years   
    I'm also struggling to see the point in this "digital euro". What advantage does it offer, or problem solved that can't be met with existing means? Existing banks and credit cards already serve a large part of that, and there are some loadable cards for those who don't want to tie to a bank.
    As a cash alternative, the cost to implement another parallel infrastructure on top of that would be massive.
  14. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to SupaKomputa in EU to start with a "Digital Euro" within 5 years   
    Yeah, i don't understand why governments want to adopt this concept, isn't the money in our banks already "digital".
    I can just swipe my debit card and boom, money digitally transferred.
    ewallet is also a form of digital money, and it has been predominant mode of cashless transaction in many asia countries.
  15. Funny
    HanZie82 reacted to FakeKGB in Help please   
    I believe that you're smart.
    I'm gullible like that.
  16. Funny
    HanZie82 reacted to Rybo in Help please   
    I get it.  I get things.  I'm smart.  
  17. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to zeusthemoose in Help please   
    Ok? Many people don’t know the difference between a monitor and the actual computer. Instead of ridiculing someone for not knowing something why not teach them so they know for the future?
  18. Funny
    HanZie82 reacted to Lurick in Help please   
    Because then you can't get internet points!
  19. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to c00face in Boot on integrated graphifcs   
    boot em'up. of course you can start using your PC if you have on-board graphics.
  20. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to curiousmind34 in Boot on integrated graphifcs   
    Yeah, there is no downside to using your integrated graphics until your gpu comes. Everything will still work fine once your dedicated GPU arrives.
  21. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to Pixelfie in CPU benchmark/stress test with no operating system   
    Most Linux based OS's allow you to run off an SD/USB/DVD. Since you said 2gb, I'd recommend something like Linux Lite (1.4GB). Some laptops & prebuilts also have these tests built into the BIOS. If you want to use the SD, chances are you're going to need a USB to SD converter, because not all systems can boot directly off SD.
  22. Agree
    HanZie82 reacted to FloRolf in How do i merge the partitions on a SSD?   
    You can do that in the windows disk management. 
    Keep in mind it'll wipe the entire drive, not just the partition. 
  23. Like
    HanZie82 reacted to SansVarnic in Best Keyboard for Gaming   
    -= Topics Merged =-
    These are essentially asking the same question.
    OP stop spam posting questions, we have a Subforum for building new pcs, if that is you end goal make on topic and ask all your questions there.
    This is not reddit.
  24. Informative
    HanZie82 reacted to Hugs12343 in Just realised my cooler has been installed slightly off centre for the past 3 and a half years   
    Update on the situation. Installed cpu cooler with new paste properly (see picture).

    Temps are actully slightly cooler. Maybe by about 5-6°C. It is a fairly hot day today of around 30°C.
    Before, I would get an idle of around 45°C. Now it's more around 39°C at idle (or actually while using zoom).
    I did install some new case fans in the front though. Now I have 2 intake and 3 exhaust (1 back, 2 top). So maybe it's just that but regardless, I'm happy.
  25. Agree
    HanZie82 got a reaction from Hold-Ma-Beer in Why do CPU fans start to spin at full speed while doing a bios update?   
    When updating the BIOS it cannot controll the FAN speeds. So it reverts back to a safe default, which is fullspeed. (altho in reality its more like 85-90%)