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    computers, guns, motorcycles, gardening, canning, muscle cars, baking, music
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    Manager over several R&D semiconductor labs.


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    Ryzen 3800X
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    Asus TUF gaming X570
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    32 GB
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    Silverstone Fortress FT02
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    1TB NVMe
    2TB SSD
    2 x 10TB platter drives in a RAID 1 configuration
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    850 watt Corsair
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    Dell AW341DW (3440x1440)
    Dell 2407WFP (1920x1200) rotated
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    3x180 AP2 fans
    CPU - Noctua ND-D15
    GPU - stock fans
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    Unicomp model M
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    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
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    Headhone - Grado SR60
    Amp - Musical Fidelity LX2
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    Linux Kubuntu 20.04 backports enabled

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  1. I would watch out for the pressure, our lab chilled water runs at 75 PSI, normal PC water cooling is not designed to run at very high pressures. Some chilled water systems run 100+ PSI. You can regulate it down but you have to have enough pressure to feed back into the return line.
  2. The chips that the car companies use is the old stuff. They are not using modern cutting edge chips, they are using the 5 to 10 year old stuff. Most of the semiconductor companies have very low inventory. The issue is demand and intermediate speculators, companies that buy up supply and then resell it to desperate companies. Think scalpers of graphics cards but on a larger scale. End user companies are also buying up chips as well to make sure they have a supply but that is in general not at hording levels, though it does increase demand. Yes fab capacity is comi
  3. Silverstone FT02 I love the great cooling and the rotated internals work great for having it under my desk and routing the cables up. I have 8 drives in this thing, 1 NVMe, 3 SSD, and 4 spinning platter drives and since they sit right above one of the fans they stay nice and cool. I keep looking for something better but I can't find a case that holds this many drives with this good of cooling that isn't just a side grade. The down sides are it isn't good for water cooling and the back doesn't have a lot of room for cable management. Unless I go custom water cooling
  4. I think the greatest feat of this video is breaking it down for the general public. While the electrical engineers can argue over the pros and cons of various components or conversion circuits, most people don't care. The average person has only had their science class where they hook a light bulb to a battery and been told the difference between AC and DC circuits. We have to remember sometimes it is easier to get a concept across with a non perfect description than trying to get into the intricacies. For the general public, once the phrase "well technically" is uttered, peopl
  5. It doesn't surprise me. The refresh will mandate a process change and that will hurt yield and slow the production of existing chips down while they make the transition. I am sure they looked at the sales and said let it ride because by now the process is mostly mature and they are cranking those wafers through as fast as they can.
  6. Is there really that much to go through? It seems like 80% of the traffic for folding is in this thread or the request for badges thread.
  7. I lost my wife several years ago and was left with two young children to care for on my own. I fold in the hopes no others have to go through that and it is my small way of fighting back. No servers or anything fancy, just two PCs here in the house, I give spare cycles to the cause.
  8. You want to keep your chiller about 10 degrees above the dew point to allow for some fluctuation in the dew point and in the chiller itself. That is a normal buffer that companies run. If you can control things really well you can always drop it some in the future and monitor the results.
  9. Best Buy. I watched the patterns of when things were coming in stock across various places and had patience and checked at certain times the stores that matched the pattern. This was before Christmas so I think the patters are probably more erratic now. I got a 3090RTX at retail price.
  10. We have those as well but I don't think I could get any time on them to fold, even if just for a couple of days.
  11. I need to see if I can pull a Den-Fi and get the 1500 servers at work to crunch for me for a couple of days.
  12. Aww, I got bumped out of the top 10.
  13. You really can't check those without getting a big iron tester. I suggest an Advantest 5503HS2 or a Teradyne Magnum EPIC. Seriously though, there are a lot of signals that need to be driven at once to test the functionality of the part. There are also preamble setups that need to be done to make the part function correctly.
  14. You are right, I just checked my card and it is right at 300mm, It is a partner card but I didn't know they came even longer.
  15. I have a RTX 3090 in mine so I think most cards will fit. I got an upgrade for the USB top connector to USB 3, but you are correct no USB C. The USB upgrade is a Silverstone part. The rest of what you say is true, there is still not a better air cooled case out there. I keep looking at cases but I just can't find a better one for cooling. My only step up would be going custom water cooled which the FT02 case doesn't really support. The other thing is I have 5 drives in it because I use it as a media server and a lot of newer cases don't have a lot of drive support.