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  1. Not but I mean with the one you suggesting there are reviews saying you have to reformat the device to use it.
  2. Sorry it says I will need to reformat disk and I will lose my data how can I avoid this?
  3. So all I need is the thing in the link?
  4. So I don't need to connect anything to the 4 pin thingy?
  5. Using this adaptor https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08XYJ4CFF but I believe it is only for data transfer so I need to find something to supply power to the drive.
  6. Trying to connect it externally via usb.
  7. As I mentioned I am trying to retrieve data off an intact old drive. The problem is the adapter provides no power to the disk so nothing can be read and only connects to the sata bit. How can I provide power to the disk? The connector looks similar to a 4 pin fan header. Thanks.
  8. So I should avoid electrically conductive pastes?
  9. It's getting to three years and I feel like I should probably replace my thermal paste for CPU and GPU. Kyronaut looks really good but a lot of people say if you don't apply properly or have the right mounting pressure it's useless, more so than other compounds apparently. Additionally, it's very expensive so I was wondering what you guys thought was the best. Thanks.
  10. I mean I don't care much about IP rating. I don't have a tendency to drown my phone and I usually use a screen protector for scratches. If I'm totally honest photo/video quality is nice to have but not a must as I don't take many pictures. Storage I have is 64GB however I have only used half as of now and don't see me using much more tbh. Charge once a day, more than enough to last me through the day.
  11. Huawei p smart 2019 I mean it's good nothing really sticks out maybe the screen size. Slowish compared to today's market it lacks on specs. I guess as mentioned before I am a bit more concerned with security now and evidently hwauei and Xiaomi have had their fair share of controversy. Broken it is incredibly hard to use.
  12. The Pixel 4a is down to £279 while the Redmi Note Pro 10 is £268. The Redmi Note Pro 10 is a clear winner looking at specs but as I posted before I'm having doubts about Xiaomi as a lot of people say you shouldn't buy them because of privacy issues with MIUI. If you know anything or have these phones can you tell me your experience? Also if you have the 4a is the screen too small? Thanks.
  13. I'm confused is this sarcasm? I can buy them if it is...
  14. The Xiaomi phone has some of the best specs for the price as everyone knows but how trustworthy is Xiaomi actually? Does anyone know what they collect and if it would be safe to use and sign into stuff. Thanks. Edit: By stuff I am referring to emails, online banking etc.
  15. If you don't mind me asking, how do you like your VG27AQ?
  16. I have been looking for a while now and am still undecided. I found two which look good however there is a lot of conflicting views as of to which is better, they are the lg 27gl850 and the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ. If any of you have these could you tell me your experience with them or which one you think is better, or if you know any better 1440p 144hz monitors? Thanks
  17. Thank god I was thinking the worst lol yeah its only started now I thought maybe something to do with static? Did some maintenance on it and then booted first time i've seen it.