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  1. I know I can get song that way for sure. Just wish there was a legal way I could purchase song.....
  2. Good day, Now that Google music is shutting down, where can I legally buy music on Android? I prefert buying song individually then having to pay a monthly subscription to a music service. I already pay for 2 sirius subscription so I feel adding a personal or family plan à little excessif. For now the way I setup my music I put it on one drive and I have a software that sync that mp3 folder to a local location on my phone so I have all my music selection offline. Thanks
  3. Correct. That way I just add mp3 directly in them and don't have to rely on my phone.
  4. Good day, I currently have Samsung Gear Iconx headphone. They come with 4 gb inside of them to add mp3 so I can listen to my music without having my phone arround. Newer Samsung headphone do not have the feature I think? So my question is, is there any newer model of headphone that would have the same feature? Thanks
  5. Perfect that work. and I mean, will be plug every few month to do a backup. Thanks
  6. Correct, My idea was simply to get a external, I do have a enclosure to put the internal HD in it. Just wondering the difference between a proper HD and a USB long term since the USB one seem to be cheaper for some reason then internal HD.
  7. I have a DS1517+, that has 5 bay. I currently have 4x 6 TB HD with a SHR drive pool of 16.4 TB. I currently use Half currently at 8 TB used. I would like to have a way to have a backup of the server just in case. My question is, should I get an internal HD of at least 10 TB and use the 5th bay to make the backup? Or get a USB portable HD of 10 TB as they are usually cheaper to have a backup? I plan to just make a copy of the entire files on the server into a single HD like once every 6+ month, just in case. Dont need a backup solution that is alway
  8. Lol I edit my post haha I found some tv now need feedback on witch one the best
  9. My 50 inch plasma finaly died. Rip Him asking a lots lol, but if you guy spot : 55 to 65 inch 4k HDR Don't care about smart (apple tv) In between $500 to $600 LG 50" 4K UHD HDR LED WEBOS SMART TV (50UK6500) - Refurbished $549 Sharp 55" 4K UHD HDR LED Roku Smart TV (LC-55LBU591C $499 SAMSUNG 50" CLASS 4K (2160P) ULTRA HD SMART LED TV ( UN50NU710D / UN50NU7100) - Refurbished $589 Samsung 55" 4K UHD HDR LED Tizen Smart TV (UN55NU6900FXZC) - Open box $599 Let me know here
  10. Humm between $300 and $800. 3 would not be that bad.
  11. I'm looking for a soundbar with subwoofer, Dolby atmos and 4 HDMI in? Reason why it because my old Bose sound system has no hdmi, my old tv plasma only output regular pcm 2.0 and Dolby surround 5.1. No dts or any other format. 4x HDMI Input for : Xbox 360 Wii u (yup) Cable box Mini pc Help?
  12. Also is both qnap and synology have some type of hybrid raid like unraid where you only need 1 hard drive as a parity drive? For my setup I will have 2x 6 tb 2x 3 tb 1x 4 tb On unraid this show up as 16 Tb.
  13. Thanks I may consider the QNAP TS-653A. Will try to get it on special lol. Thank again
  14. 2299? Lol All I need is a home base with minimum 5 Bay in the less then 1000$ range. For the VM I won't be gaming on it or anything just possibly light Linux running don't need 20 core.
  15. Synology ds1517+ or qnap ts 563 Witch one too choose I currently using a Unraid server just want a smaller server using less power and more compact. I will run few VM, applications from the server and webhost. 1 2 3 go