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  1. Very understandable, the desk is bigger than the pictures give it credit for. Had my back against the wall to get the whole desk in frame. 7 feet length x 3 feet wide for both sides, and the hutch is 6feet tall.
  2. After 8 long faithful years I finally swapped out my very first motherboard, an MSI Z87-G45. It was the last remaining part surviving the purge of beginner parts for big boy components from RAM, CPU, PSU, drives, you name it, this mobo outlasted it all. For a solid 5 years it ran in tandem with an overclocked Intel i5 4690k @ 4.3 mHz, Kingston HyperX Fury 2x8 DDR3 2400 mHz, and GTX 770 SLI. (Janky I know, but it worked flawlessly.) I would have waited out the rest of the boards days and populated more DIMM slots, but the Cooler Master 212 Evo w/ dual fans makes a clearance issue forcing you to
  3. Are there any 3+ USB port hubs currently on the market that are powered by PCI-E alone? I don't care if its a x1 or x16 form factor but the big niche of a hub that I'm looking for is that it does not need an external power cable. Being picky so I can manage the cables properly both inside and outside my case. Thinking something along the lines of this Chinese board (Newegg.ca), but just significantly more reliable.