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  1. Are these safe to use? I got a really tight fit and ill probably have to use these. https://www.amazon.com/Female-Degree-Adapter-Desktops-Graphics/dp/B08G4DM3VN/ref=mp_s_a_1_22?dchild=1&keywords=ATX+8Pin+Female+to+8pin+Male&qid=1603745659&sr=8-22
  2. I just received this x570 from microcenter today. I was worried about my m.2 temps . Should i use the m.2 in the front or in the back ? I never used the thermal pad that the board came with, should i use that? Spec x570 gigabyte itx 3200 gskill ryzen 3600 waiting on ryzen 4000. Did i go wrong with this board? since b550 is coming out in 2 weeks and i can only go with micro atx or itx. Most b550 are going to be 170+ , The one i was interested on. I got this itx x570 for 220$.
  3. Yeah but its like what 5x5 said , it all comes down to the manufacturer to support it and since the b450 gigabyte MATX is kinda in the low end i dont think they'll. I guess its not worth risking it.
  4. Yeah , apparently the b550 are coming out next month. I think the best option for me is to keep using this board till the 30th and request a return and wait for b550. Since amazon also doesn't have the Asus in stock , In stock on May 30.
  5. Ok so i just got a b450 MATX msi gaming board. But me thinking that the b450 will support ryzen 4000 i ordered it. I now really dont think it'll support ryzen 4000. I still got till may 31 to return the b450. Since i got a Fractal Micro atx case, i've to keep with itx or micro atx. So if i want to run a ryzen 4000 when it comes out, i'll have to go for x570 or b550 next month. So my question is what board should i get when it comes to matx or itx. apparently the asrock x570 is the only matx board, and it has crap vrm. So i was looking at the Asus
  6. So i'm trying to buy a ultrawide monitor for the first time. Doing a bit a research i can see everything is out of stock XD. I was trying to buy it on Bestbuy or on amazon. I sadly got no options these where the ones i was interested in. https://www.amazon.com/LG-34GK950F-B-34-21-Ultragear/dp/B0798Q8KG4/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=ATVPDKIKX0DER https://www.amazon.com/PG349Q-Curved-G-Sync-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B07TMHV2L7/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ASUS+ROG+Swift+PG349Q&qid=1588370713&s=electronics&sr=1-1 This is the only optio
  7. Yeah thats a bit too much for fans , any experience with these ? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077PQSJQ8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&th=1 riing plus.
  8. I was going with Corsair and then i noticed that the rgb is only on one side. I need 2 140mm for a rad , and i need 3 120mm. Wanted to go with same brand of rgb any recommendations? Tryna go under 170$ for the 5 fans .
  9. Yeah i'll probably go with Corsair+Crystal+280X but i still need a good b450/x570 micro atx board that will be hable to handle a ryzen 3900x or ryzen 4000 when it comes out.
  10. I'm looking for a case thata Micro atx compatible i wanted something White with a window. Small that would fit a 280mm AIO i'm looking at this case. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082LZ844J/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1Y23DX9BBC64P&psc=1 I was also looking at these 2 , Meshify c mini dark tg but it only comes in black i think and phantek evolv micro atx https://www.newegg.com/galaxy-silver-phanteks-enthoo-evolv-micro-atx-tower/p/N82E16811854059?Item=N82E16811854059 https://www.newegg.com/black-fractal-design-meshify-c-mini-micro-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E1681135208
  11. You can always start upgrading cpu 1st Should give you a nice jump. Get a ryzen 3600/x/3700x. With a b450 tomahawk you be Gucci. I would get a 3600 and b450 tomahawk till amd drops ryzen 4000,but im not sure if the b450 tomahawk will get an update to the bios to support ryzen 4000 since. You can always get a different board. Not b450.
  12. Just wait and play with ur 980 ti. The 2080 ti is just nvidia with the crappy overpriced. Wait till nvidia and amd drop the new gpu. Sadly we don't know when thatll happened since this covid but apparently amd is going to drop the cpu in September soo gpu could also be this year. Now if money ain't a big deal and you cant wait 5 months-10. Then Just get the 2080 ti.
  13. 450-530 max for a 1080 ti when you can get a 2070s for 500. Anyway if anyone is interested im selling my 1080 ti gigabyte aorus wb edition has warranty till 2021. 450$.
  14. If you can these are Samsung bdie chip that can do 3600 at c16 well the one i have can and i can do 3800 at c16 and 17 Easy 3200 at c14 since all you go todo is turn on xmp. I sometimes see the T team force on sale for around 110. https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232530?Item=N82E16820232530&nm_mc=AFC-RAN-COM&cm_mmc=AFC-RAN-COM&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=afc-PCPartPicker&AFFID=2558510&AFFNAME=PCPartPicker&ACRID=1&ASID=https%3a%2f%2fpcpartpicker.com%2fproduct%2fwX7CmG%2fgskill-flare-x-series-16gb-2-x-8gb-
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6npIkK5k5Q https://ru.gecid.com/prtart.php?id=49324 https://ru.gecid.com/data/video/201708200800-49324/img/08_gigabyte_gv-n108taorus-11gd.jpg I've a Aorus WB 1080ti edition that i'll be selling but atm i cant take pictures since it has a loop. Also you can check if the card has warranty XD, don't think so but gigabyte warranty is transferable. Such a low chance that they'll do anything but hey who knows.
  16. Ive been stable for cl14 3600 and cl16 3866 bottom dram calculator picture. Just wondering which one should i pick? Also when i say stable i did ramtest lasted like 3 hrs. This is for a ryzen build. I think i can get better timings on the 14 15 15 15. Ps if i dont reply I'm probably sleeping.
  17. I guess im no expert but i guess you can just to compare with other score with simular spec. Im the kinda person if it was working and now its not , i check my background process running if that aint it quick google search if that doesnt fix it format and if format doesnt work ,it can be psu not providing enough a bunch of other things to try. XD
  18. Can you try to run fire strick to see if your getting a decent score? Because if its only on bf5 then it just has to do with bf, but if its other games then thats a system or windows problem. Im guessing you have tried formatting? New windows install on a dif drive. Have you recently started having this problem?
  19. Also is this happening only in bf? Have you tried other games?
  20. If those are going for around 100 $ and you can drop another 25$ . Get a samsung b die 3200 cl14 thats what i did . I was hable yo overclock it to cl 14 15 15 15 at 3600mhz. If you dont no nothing about oc. Just get this one. https://www.amazon.com/G-Skill-Ripjaws-PC4-28800-CL16-19-19-39-F4-3600C16D-16GVKC/dp/B07X8DVDZZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=ddr4+3600+cl16&qid=1579528307&sprefix=ddr4+3600+cl&sr=8-3 Or if you can youtube how to oc ddr4 on ryzen. Using ryzen dram calculator and thats what i did.these are samsung bdie that can oc good speed and timing. h
  21. Yeah they stopped selling the kit even msg xspc but nothings. Its a xspc full copper RayStorm CPU WaterBlock (Intel) Copper. Only thing i can do is buy a xspc raystorm am4 for around 60$ and im just done if im going to spend 50 for a am4 block ill just get a noctua and call it a day and if the am4 kit ever comes in stock or someone sells it on ebay ill gladly buy it since the kit was only 15-20$. Ill also probably get a 90d fitting ill see how it turns out since i can also just use my other 240mm thick rad instead of the 380mm on the gpu itll be much lower the connections.
  22. Yeah thats not a problem . Thanks just needed confirmation.
  23. Not sure what to even call the tittle. Ok so my thing is ive been wc for the past 3 years its time to move on. Since i went from intel to amd i wont be buying a cpu waterblock, not going to spend another 50-100 on a waterblock. So ill be buying a nhd15 or a corsair 280mm. Tryna go for the nhd15. So my only question is can i use the top fitting on the gpu and put it on the bottom? Since the nhd15 is too big?
  24. Yeah i tried each stick 1 of the 2 is giving the error.
  25. Tried all of that keeps giving bench of error on memtest but none in windows i guess its going back.