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  1. I decided to do a manual overclock of my 8700k yesterday. I dialed in all my settings and ran a few stress tests, finished off with running Prime95 for an hour to check for instabilities. Everything went fine. But then today started to play Destiny 2 and my main screen kept on going black then coming back (computer still running almost like the source was being changed). I changed over my main screen so I was playing on my secondary and that one was fine but the other continued to go blank then come back on again. I checked all the cables and everything was fine, so I thought I wou
  2. No I can't get to the bios. I have removed the drive and still get the blank screen and no splash screen or bios.
  3. Thanks for the idea. Tried this and there's no change ?. Same things happen.
  4. Hi, so I have an 8700k in an Asus z370e motherboard with 16gb of gskill trident z memory. The storage is Samsung 970 SSD, 250gb. I am not able to get to the UEFI to sort boot priority. I only get this screen, no splash screen at all. It was connected by hdmi in this shot but I have since connected by DVI and I have the same problem.
  5. Hi, I was able to put my system together the other day and all was going well. I was using the system for a couple of hours, updating windows and downloading the programs I wanted, but then it suddenly switched off. When turning it back on the pc looks like it's on, all the fans spinning and aio pump going, but all I get on the screen is a white line in the top left corner of a black screen. It's an Asus z370e motherboard and the post LEDs stop on the BOOT_LED, which is green. I have unplugged everything and reseated it all. I have removed all unnecessary components. I have tried