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  1. I need a case and a suitable power supply for this build. i am using a ryzen 5 3600, rtx 2060 super and 16gb of ram. willing to spend at least $1000 on this build.
  2. does the softness affect how fast like the mouse moves?
  3. Hi, I am looking to buy a shidenkai but idk which 1 to get. I have a 2 GPW. 1 with hyperglides and 1 without. I want to know which is the best for which and whats the difference between the 2. Tks
  4. Hi. I am currently looking for a great artisan mousepad to go with my logitech g pro wireless. I am thinking abt the shidenkai but i am not sure if it is a gd option. Hope u can help thanks.
  5. Hi, i am looking for a great gaming monitor which is 240hz, 27 inch, 1080p and g sync. Pls recommend me some. Thanks.
  6. it is alr and also what do u mean by reasonablecus my volume is 100 with a 20 boost
  7. Hi, so suddenly my mic on the hyperx cloud alpha was not working on my discord and windows after i updated windows 10. Pls let me know if there r any possible solution to fix this problem thanks.
  8. Hi, i would like to know what is the best budget monitor for 144hz, 1ms, 24 inch. Thanks.
  9. I dont mind it for around $1300. My current parts r the i7 8700k corsiar h115i pro corsair vengeance rgb 16gb 3000mhz evga g3 psu 500gb ssd 2tb hdd coolermaster h500p aorus z390
  10. Hi, i would like to get an rtx 2080 gpu but i am unsure on which to get. Pls recommend me 1 thanks