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  1. On 5/12/2020 at 1:35 PM, Snowarch said:

    @ProngsOldGuy sure thats not a p106-100? i upgraded from p106-100 6gb to p104-100 8gb recently, mine also runs at the x4, but heaven benchmark score went from

    1400-ish 1080p fullscreen max settings opengl render (p106-100 6gb)


    to 2000 same settings with a p104-100. have you a bios mod to enable the disabled cores and make it like a 1080 non-ti? i got 2 for sli on gta, but wine doesn't support sli, not does heaven linux.

    May I know how you got the p104s to work for gaming? I've tried to mod the drivers a few times but it fails to install every time.

  2. I recently upgraded the screen on my Elitebook 1040 G2 from 1600x900 @60hz to 1920x1080 @60hz. The display is supported according to HP's site. When I turn on the laptop, the BIOS splash screen and Windows logo are displayed, but when it boots into Windows there is no display. Also I can get into the BIOS. Is this a bandwidth or device driver issue? Thanks in advance.

  3. When I usu my pc for a while, the disk usage goes up to 100%, my peripherals stop working and I get disconnected from the internet. Is this a problem with my os, ram, cpu or mobo? I experienced the same problem with a similar system.

  4. Just now, SpinStrech said:

    His using a 450 watt power supply from thermaltake, or by power are you talking about ghz? 

    motherboards have VRMs (voltage regulator modules) that deliver power to the CPU.

    Image result for motherboard vrm


    a320 boards are generally designed for cpus with low power consumption and generally have few VRMs. the ryzen 7 2700x chip consumes 105w under full load (at stock) and as a rule of thumb should generally be paired with a board that has adequate power delivery. someone correct me if i'm wrong, but if i remember correctly when you pair a cpu with a high power consumption with a board with bad VRMs, the VRMs may overheat, leading to system failure, or the CPU will not run at full speeds due to insufficient power.


    what does your client plan to do using the pc? if he's only gaming then using an a320 board should be fine, but if he's doing CPU-intensive tasks you should probably consider a better board.

  5. 4 minutes ago, MS-DOS Guy said:

    I understand Ryzen chips may benefit from this but he has an Intel chip which is exactly why I said this? So why are you even mentioning that?

    i was simply correcting a mistake you made. you stated that "there is absolutely no performance difference between 2933 and 3200" which is misinformative. if you had omitted the aforementioned statement, then there would be no reason for me to comment (apart from the other mistake you made where you said 2933mhz and 3200mhz ram are incompatible).

  6. 20 minutes ago, MS-DOS Guy said:

    First off, you can't.

    this is wrong. the faster ram would be downclocked to match the frequency of the slower ram i.e. your 3200mhz ram would run at 2933, as said by enderman.


    21 minutes ago, MS-DOS Guy said:

    Second off, there is absolutely no performance difference between 2933 and 3200. 

    also wrong. ryzen chips benefit from higher clocked ram due to their infinity fabric design. but if you're running an intel chip the difference would not be noticeable during daily use (maybe 10 more points on cinebench)

  7. Just got hard tubing and fittings from aliexpress. My fittings and tubing are 10mmx14mm and the fittings are push-in fittings. When I put the tubing into the fitting, it goes in easily and doesn't fall out when I shake the tubing, but if I pull on the tubing it comes out. Is this normal?


    Product links https://www.aliexpress.com/item/OD-12mm-14mm-16mm-PETG-Water-Cooling-Rigid-Hard-Tube-for-PC-Water-Cooling-System-50cm/32921663155.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.99999999.259.3da33c00ftcYgM


  8. I'm planning on buying some RX 460 cards online. They have been flashed with a mining BIOS and I want to flash the original BIOS so they can be used for normal workloads. However most of the information I've found on the internet regarding flashing the BIOS of RX 460s has been confusing or irrelevant. Please help me on this, thanks.