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    Information Technology, does it need clarification?
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    After graduating school and moving away form my parents I have dived deep into the world of Information Technology.
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    Microsoft Azure Engineer L2


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    i7 5820k
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    Asus X99 Deluxe
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    32GB Mushkin Redline 3000Mhz
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    Asus GTX 1080Ti Poseidon Platinum
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    Corsair 780T White
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    512GB SSD Samsung 960 EVO
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    CORSAIR RM750x White series 750W
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    Custom Water Cooling CPU + GPU
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Soooooooooooooo, wont a VPN solve this? Like: "ALL EU MEMBERS MUST HAVE THEIR MEDIA FILTERED" A guy with a VPN: "I AM IN LATIN AMERICA SENIOUR, QUE?"
  2. Hello. Just wanted to let you know that as of Monday the value has gone UP! Bitcoin is back on the menu boys. Peace.
  3. And how will they change it, they don't know what PowerShell is If they try to delete my acc I can always recover it
  4. Hey all, figured it out. In Azure you don't pay 170 euro, you get 170 euro free credit within a month to "test" whatever you wish. I remembered i have a OneDrive location with my previous school. They still haven't deleted it. I know the admin account credentials form a while back. Using SharePoint PowerShell I amended my quota and now i have 5TB avaiable to backup as much as I wish. Thank you all for the suggestions! I will consider buying external hard drive for sure!
  5. Well, pretty straight forward, where can I back up 3 TB of information? I was thinking getting the free subscription in Azure (170 euro) and create a VM with storage. Or maybe I can use Dropbox/Google Drive etc? But I need to press the red button and leave the machine upload the 3TB straight up. (I mean it might take a day or so due to network, but I work and cant monitor it all the time)
  6. Well, I don't have free licenses for 2016/2019 :(
  7. I use the integrated raid controller of the motherboard. An old gigabyte amd based system of mine.
  8. I would like to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 2012 R2 Standard on a local machine of mine. I have a RAID 1 configuration and I am wondering what is the safest way to approach the update. Should i unplug one of the disks and plug it back in after the upgrade takes place? Should i unplug both and plug them back after upgrade takes place? Should i just update and leave the disks be? I will be installing the Windows on a SSD drive. Thanks
  9. But, like, for training purposes? not to use that shit in humans
  10. Hello everyone! Will it be worth buying a 3d printer as a medical student? I am not one myself but a close person of mine is such. I mean, can you print accurate by size 3d bones? Like, full skull and sh*t? A replica good enough that one can go: "Ah, such a nice kranion!" Is there a database with accurate (or good enough to be studied with) 3d bones once can acquire access to in whatever way? What kind of 3d printer and program will that require? The most 3d related thing I have ever participated was making a hotel on SketchUp for school in a group... did it all by myself... those d
  12. As long as you say #NoHomo before the ceremony, i will roll with it.
  13. EDIT FOR TITLE: NOT PASSED, sorry. Just EU parliament approved it.
  14. This is how the article begins. The European Union's parliament approves new copyright rules known as 11 and 13. The thing that shocked not only me, but most of the Europe is the fact that the MEPs voted for the latter. Article 13 states that technology platforms must filter the things people post on them, and check for copyright infringement. ex.: if there is a meme on 9Gag/Facebook/instagram with your copyrighted picture, you can contact the owners of the platform and ask for any content with this picture taken down. Otherwise they will have to face heavy monetary sanctio
  15. Actually yes, it does! To think of it, slot machines do have an algorithm, despite being way more complex than lootboxes, it is still rewarding you at given intervals it decides. I could argue that at least in Hearthstone you know what your minimal odds are, unlike in slot machines. With slot machines you can end up winning nothing, taking something back or winning a prize eventually, but the odd are still unknown. Still you have a pretty solid point. Definitely making me double-thinking here, thanks.