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  1. I’ve disabled the internal mic aswell in the device manager and then I have no mic at all...
  2. I just don’t understand why the intergrated mic picks up over the headset mic even when trying to setup as “Headset Microphone” I go through the step by step guide and when it gets to doing the speaking bit where you read the sentence it’s coming from my intergrated mic on the laptop and not the headset mic, it’s so thrusting
  3. This is for the usb 7.1 headset though? And I’ve never needed that before on my hp pavilion?
  4. Hey Guys, I just brought Myself Asus Tuf gaming laptop and it won’t pick up the mic on my headset Razer Kraken Pro the one with 3.5 jack, in the device manager I have Realtek(R) Audio and Intel(R) Display Audio and also Nvidia Virtal Audio, for some reason when in sound manager the intergrated mic overcomes the headset mic, even if I try to set up the mic as “Headset” it’ll still be the intergrated mic, it’s really annoying.... I plug the headset into my old hp pavilion also win 10 and I get the pop up from Realtek saying it’s been dectected and the headset works great... my new laptop th