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    Poet129 reacted to Seban in -1% GPU usage & crash   
    what nvidia driver were you using? the new 461.72 is really shitty, i reverted back to the previous one and all of my problems were fixed..
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    Poet129 reacted to wanderingfool2 in Internet Connection Help!   
    Curious, did the tech check for the noise at the jack or outside your house?  Depending on the age of the house/other wiring you have, the noise could be caused by something in your house.  If the noise existed outside of your house, then there isn't much you can do except see if they will climb the pole to test the signal there (in my case they did, and replaced the line running to my house).  The other thing would be having the modem on the closes outlet to where the phone lines come into your house
    Depending how vital it is and how much you currently are paying, Starlink might be a good option for you
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    Poet129 reacted to curiousmind34 in Internet Connection Help!   
    Just get starlink man

    No, but for real, there are many things you could do as noise on the line is not very specific. Switch ethernet cables, a faceplate won't likely do much as it separates phone and internet but it's cheap enough to try. Try plugging your pc directly into your modem and see if that makes a difference, so you know if your router is causing the problem. Decent chance that it's not your fault it's your isp. So maybe that part about starlink in the beginning might be useful lol.
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    Poet129 reacted to Sacredsock in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    I feel that at some appropriate anniversary Linus and Maddison should do a react video to their original RiG reboot vid. 
  5. Funny
    Poet129 reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    I thought you were telling wkdpaul to post ideas at the suggestions thread for a sec.
  6. Funny
    Poet129 reacted to Quackers101 in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    ulitmate gaming bed, is just a bed couch gone gaming with extra steps. Change my mind.
  7. Funny
    Poet129 got a reaction from Slayerking92 in How to test whether a drive uses Block level or File level storage?   
    Is there a way to test whether a drive uses Block level or File level storage... preferably automated?
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    Poet129 reacted to DriftMan in Use External hard drive/pen drive as ram?   
    so would it be anything that isn't ram
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    Poet129 reacted to MoJoMax in Use External hard drive/pen drive as ram?   
    @Action_Johnson Only in the year 2077
  10. Funny
    Poet129 reacted to Action_Johnson in Use External hard drive/pen drive as ram?   
    Just download more RAM
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    Poet129 reacted to Legal_EasE in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    So I recently bought a Tesla K80 on eBay and I'm going to try to get it to game or at the very least run PhysX in conjunction with my gtx1070, Quadro 2000, or with NVIDIA Optimus with the RX5708gb, or iGPU (whichever isn't impossible).  However, I'm not Linus or Anthony (who appears to be the one who actually knows how to make this work in "Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This Crypto Mining Card...").  Given the e-waste issue is a hot topic and given that the Tesla K80 is relatively cheap ($130) on ebay (as seen here ), I figure there's some real good to be done by unlocking ( / hacking into) the potential of a 4992 CUDA core GPU with 24gbs of GDDR5 vram for gamers who are struggling to get their hands on decent equipment during this time of low supply and high demand.  If I make headway, I'll share it, but don't hold your breath for me.  I think Anthony or the community can probably crack this one open though.

    This guy claimed to have his running physX with 2 gtx 980s in SLI.
    These guys claim a p40 can run Ryse Sons of Rome at 8k.

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    Poet129 reacted to sorcio46 in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    Hello LTT staff,
    my video proposal comes from a personal need that I've tried to fullfill in the latest weeks. I was looking for the best solution available to play with my gaming PC remotly: starting from the same local network (using a notebook, android TV or even a fire stick) up to a remote computer with internet access.
    Then I've figured out that there are A LOT of tools and software that could make it work: this only caused more confusion and involved a decent amount of time invested in the process of finding the best solution (compatibile or not with the hardware that I had).
    As a software engineer and (former) professional pc player I've done some testing among all the candidates looking for the best solution in terms of:
    Low latency: I mostly play FPS and this is the most important factor for me. Too bad that I don't have a tool like Nvidia LDAT (that you have 😀). Good picture quality: 1080p 60fps is the sweet spot that I'm aiming at. Hardware encoding: using Nvidia NVENC or AMD VCE. So far I've tried:
    Steam remote play Parsec Rainway Moonlight (for Nvidia) or Sunshine (for AMD) AMD Link I am sure that there is someone like me looking to find the best solution to cover the same need that I had. At the same time I think that your audience might be interested in this kind of "home-made Cloud gaming", discovering another hidden possibility available in the hardware that we are using inside our computers: you can even think to a sequel of this video comparing the best home-made solution to dedicated services such as GeForce Now.
    I will be available to discuss this on Discord with the editors so I can share my experience and guide you as much as I can based on my experience in this regard.
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    Poet129 reacted to fatmatrow in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    If you ever want to revive the Haunted Hardware series I have a whopper of an unexplainable issue on two separate computers
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    Poet129 reacted to Fasauceome in Can you get hacked if you reveal your computer name to someone else?   
    There's no reason to give them your computer name. This is most likely some kind of scam, although I can't think of the exact attack vector. I recommend not responding and reporting this individual.
    Edit: and given the broken english ("thank you for your trust and shop" wtf) it seems pretty obvious tbh
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    Poet129 reacted to Applefreak in Spontaneous black screen and restart (no BSOD)   
    The Auto OC setting is a motherboard thing that OCs the CPU. The stock AMD thing is called Precision Boost. I would not sue Auto OC unless your system is otherwise completely stable. Strange thing is that your system crashes in idle. I'd reinstall the OS after formatting the drive first (make backups!!!) to rule out OS and driver issues. 
    I am guessing the PSU is new as well, so we can should be able to rule that one out as well unless it makes hissing and clicking noises during operation. Could also be one of your hard drives that is acting up but first I would reinstall Windows to rule that out.
    Before you do that, try uninstalling any system tools you have running in the background like LED stuff for example. Those also have drivers that can act up. You can check Windows Task Scheduler for tasks that run periodically and may have been active the last time it crashed (take a note with date and time the next time it crashes). Also check the Windows Error Logs in Event Viewer.
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    Poet129 reacted to SansVarnic in My friend is DDOS atacking me   
    If the resources are available, you can report it to the authorities as they are committing a crime.
    That said it sounds like you are looking for another solution...
    Unplug your server for a time, change your static ip... walk next door and punch him j/k?
    Please for the love of all things... DONT. Just don't, you will be charged for impersonation and jail time is pretty much guaranteed.
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    Poet129 reacted to Blue4130 in My friend is DDOS atacking me   
    Faking a police call is a great way to get YOU in trouble, not them. 
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    Poet129 reacted to spartaman64 in LTT Dress Code   
    this is what it looks like in google btw a multi billion dollar company
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    Poet129 reacted to TheGlenlivet in Spontaneous black screen and restart (no BSOD)   
    I'd put everything to 100% stock and see if the issue remains.  First things first.
  20. Funny
    Poet129 reacted to Zodiark1593 in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    “Uhmm, Linus, why did you etch LTT Store into the Red sensor?”
    ”To get people to buy our merch, even if they torrent our stuff.”
    ”It’s upside down...”
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    Poet129 reacted to Sauron in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    FTFY 😛 
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    Poet129 reacted to StriderofRohan in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    To be honest my favourite LTT content are videos that have to do with either overclocking/destroying old/weak hardware or videos with Riley in them 🙂
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    Poet129 got a reaction from hirusha.adikari in LTT forum "banning" game   
    Banned because I am.
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    Poet129 reacted to ShrimpBrime in EVGA SR-2 Resizeable BAR?   
    Totally worth a shot. Nothing to loose. 
  25. Like
    Poet129 got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in EVGA SR-2 Resizeable BAR?   
    Hey thanks, I didn't know that was a thing. I messaged them, waiting for a response to see if they would be willing to hook me up with a new BIOS, unlikely however.