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  1. So I need good atx case with window side panel. I need few usb ports on the front panel and I need minimum of 3 fans included. So I want budget case, so 70 is around the max price but it can go few euros above.
  2. So if the gta v has 60fps 1080p everything maxed its good deal? And what do you mean that I should ask him that what games he has/how many fps they run?
  3. It doesnt work like that, because 1. I dont know how much I want fps, because my pc is already shit so I dont know how good his pc can do 2. I got mac so i cant take my hdd out
  4. So I met this guy irl that was selling his gaming pc. Specs are: Mobo: MSI Pcmate z97 GPU: Gtx matrix 980 ti Platinum 6gb CPU: i7-4790k RAM: HyperX 16gb 1333mhz SSD:120GB HDD: 1TB PSU: EVGA 650w G2 Cooling: Corsair Hydro H45 Case:Phanteks Enthoo Pro Monitor: BenQ Zowie XL 144hz Mouse: Corsair Sabre RGB 10k dpi Headphones: Corsair void RGB 7.1 surround Keyboard: Corsair K65 RGB (not the rapidfire one) Its very good deal, everything listed above for only 600€. Never oc. Ram, PSU, Cooling is bought 2 years ago. S
  5. So I need windows 10. Those product keys cost 100€+ but all my friends told me that I can get one for under 20€. They said I could get key from ebay, g2a etc... But then I started thinking, that is it legal and safe? I have heard stuff that the producer of the "fake" keys can check out my email password, credit card numbers etc... So could someone tell me that are they legit?
  6. You know that its hard to choose gaming mouse, but I got this weird ass bad gaming mouse for 20€ and want to upgrade. I tested Steelseries rival 300 on my friend and it felt good. So how can I know if there is better one? I was just gonna buy it, but it was first professional gaming mouse I tested, so there can be better ones?
  7. what is difference between corsair mm200 and mm300
  8. Well can you suggest me extended good ones
  9. Is it worth to spend some little more money on extended mouse pad? I have been looking this one https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Mousepads/Cloth-Textile-Surface-Mousepads/MM300-Anti-Fray-Cloth-Gaming-Mouse-Pad-—-Extended/p/CH-9000108-WW I just want my setup look good by having extended mouse pad lol recommend me if there is better ones than that
  10. So I am going to get gaming pc soon and going to get mousepad too. I was looking for https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-MM300-Anti-Fray-High-Performance-Optimized/dp/B01798VS4C/ref=sr_1_4_acs_ac_2?s=office-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1534780755&sr=1-4-acs&keywords=Extended+mouse+pad And I wanted extended one because it looks so cool with good looking setup:DD But then I started thinking that which would be better, hard or cloth one? I play fps games, example R6s, pubg, csgo, rust etc.. So which one is better one for gaming?
  11. I am just kidding, I am not selling it myself, I am buying used one and want to know what he could get for his build. He is selling the pc AND monitor for 550€, so its hella good deal right?