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    CGameDev reacted to mariushm in Synology DDR4 Memory Module   
    The official memory frequency supported is 2400 Mhz ... 2666 probably works with smaller ram sticks, but I'd say it's not guaranteed with 32 GB
    Also, I don't think the frequency really matters that much with cpu on this unit, so if you find something much cheaper at let's say 2133 Mhz, I suggest you give it a try.
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    CGameDev reacted to Electronics Wizardy in DS1621+ with SHR-2 as a File Server   
    Yea that will work fine, I don't see any problems with that setup.
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    CGameDev got a reaction from Nozyspy in Alphacool LCD-Display 240x128 Driver and Pages   
    I have notice over the past several month users have been searching for updated drivers for the Alphacool LCD-Display 240x128, but sadly its not available anymore and anywhere. The only one that is available is the 1.0.3 which is very restricted. luckily I manage to get a copy a year ago and recently found it on my home cloud storage. I have attached all that is needed to get the Alphacool LCD-Display 240x128 up and running and pre-designed pages. 
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    CGameDev got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in B-CIRC Build Log   
    System up and running and plays games real good, i even tired on my 4k and no frame drop.

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    CGameDev got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in B-CIRC Build Log   

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    CGameDev got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in B-CIRC Build Log   
    My first build in few years
    Build: But- Can It Run Crysis (B-CIRP)
    Titan X is from a old build.

    Front Panel Distro-Plate
    Front view
    Base Plate
    Decal for case



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    CGameDev reacted to GoldenLag in Is It Worth Buying Asrock x299e-itx/ac   
    no, they cram 2 powerstages into 1 phase to improve transient response. but use a lot of input filtering to work out the sideeffects. 
    when looking at board with the same VRM config, it hasnt shown that the transient responce improves overclocking, nor that the lack of phases change anything. its just a different way of doing things. 
    its actually a good value board for x570. even tho its a ITX board
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    CGameDev got a reaction from GabrielLP14 in Is It Worth Buying Asrock x299e-itx/ac   
    It seems like a nice board and its affordable
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    CGameDev reacted to GabrielLP14 in Is It Worth Buying Asrock x299e-itx/ac   
    This is an Amazing board it features the TDA 21472 70A mosfet from Infeneon using a 10 phase power design using 4(x2) + 2(Vsoc) using a PWM ASP1405L using capable of handling 8 phases but instead it's using 4(x2)+2.
    This board can easily support the 3950X
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    CGameDev reacted to Dedayog in What GPU to buy, 2080 TI vs 2080 super   
    Go buy it.  Now.  That's easily $300+ CAD cheaper than it should be.
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    CGameDev reacted to Pauleft in What GPU to buy, 2080 TI vs 2080 super   
    2080 ti is way better I made the mistake of buying a 2080 I think spending a few extra dollars wont hurt you at all
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    CGameDev reacted to SolarNova in Custom Water Distribution Block for PC Case?   
    Well if ur gunna use it , then sure grab urself a CnC, do ur research though , get a good one. And be prepared. You would be surprised how expensive some things are, especially the bits.
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    CGameDev reacted to Maticks in Custom Water Distribution Block for PC Case?   
    you could always hit up https://www.singularitycomputers.com/
    This next one seems to be the best for the price it fits the 101 Dynamic.
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    CGameDev reacted to xAcid9 in RX 5700 XT VS RTX Series?   
    Stand alone tool to increase the power target and more tweaks for 5700 series. No need to mess with registry anymore. 

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    CGameDev reacted to kieguru in RX 5700 XT VS RTX Series?   
    I'd go for an AIB 5700xt, it will clock better and end up performing like a 2070s.  The only reason I was looking at a 2070s was for Octane rendering and it needing CUDA supported cards.  
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    CGameDev reacted to WallacEngineering in RX 5700 XT VS RTX Series?   
    I already did a thing on all of this, a while back. Even have my own thread showing that max OC 5700-XT beats max OC 2070-Super. 5700XT is the better card price-to-performance hands down at any resolution up to 3440x1440p ultra-wide, although the card does start to struggle at the ultra-wide 1440p resolution, basically requiring a decent overclock at that point for smooth gameplay. However, the 5700-XT was never designed with 3440x1440p in mind, its a 2560x1440p card and it is a very capable card even at Ultra settings in most cases. That and the fact that the human eye physically cannot detect the difference between 1440p and 4k at a distance of 18" on a 32" TV (tests were done to prove this), means that a 4k gaming monitor is relatively useless to begin with.
    RTX is still entirely useless, don't pay for the RT tax. Not only is there next to no support, there is also the issue of RT TANKS YOUR FRAMES WHEN YOU ENABLE IT! Ill say what Ive told everyone else, once RT matures 4-5 years, has support on 50% of modern titles, and enabling RT drops frames by 10% or less, THEN I will consider buying into RT. Until then, forget about it.
    So this is what the RX 5700-XT is capable of, but of course you will NEED a custom cooled card to achieve this, so don't even think about trying this on a founders card, you will destroy it. See my thread at the bottom of this post for info on how to do it. And remember, this is a game that slightly favors Nvidia in terms of FPS. This Power Limit MOD is NO JOKE.

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    CGameDev got a reaction from valdyrgramr in 1950X vs 2920X Which To Buy?   
    Thank you, I will work with that. And since its 50% off is even better. 
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    CGameDev reacted to nosirrahx in [HELP] Can Raid 6 parity drive be smaller than Total Stroage?   
    Parity is data used to take the non corrupt disks and recreate the missing data. It is not a pair of data.

    Picture disk 1 2 3 and 4 being data, 5 is parity.

    Put a 1 on disk 1 and 3 and a 0 on disk 2 and 4. Add those together and ditch what you carry, you get 0, store that on disk 5.

    Now disk 3 dies. If you add disk 1, 2 and 4 you get a 1. Parity disk 5 is a 0 so the missing bit has to be a 1.

    This is a MASSIVE oversimplification (especially since RAID 6 uses 2 parity disks, not 1) but the general math works this way and is why the parity is much smaller than the total primary storage.
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    CGameDev reacted to Livin in [HELP] Can Raid 6 parity drive be smaller than Total Stroage?   
    RAID6 spreads the parity across all the drives.  You don't have "a drive" or "two drives" dedicated to parity.  It's a lot easier to visualize.  Here's a link that puts it in perspective:

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    CGameDev reacted to WereCatf in PLEX Server with Multiple GPU   
    Those do not have H/W-encoder, no can do.
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    CGameDev reacted to Falconevo in PLEX Server with Multiple GPU   
    Plex can only reference a single card for hardware offloading (at the moment) so using 8x cards would be useless.  Also those cards don't have hardware support required for Plex, you would be better with something like a Quadro P2000 which has no 'software limit' emposed by Nvidia's drivers on the GTX cards, they can only run a maximum of 2 hardware accelerated threads..  The Quadro on the other hand can run unlimited.
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    CGameDev got a reaction from Lurick in Do I need a VPN for Plex server remote access   
    ok thank you
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    CGameDev got a reaction from cluelessgenius in Systyem monitor in C#   
    I have not tried to get anything regarding frequency from the performance counter I didnt know how accurate it would have been. So i stick to usage of cpu and ram
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    CGameDev got a reaction from cluelessgenius in Systyem monitor in C#   
    No i didnt find any documentation, I create a C# console project first then trial and error in finding what values I can get, placeing breakpoints and stepping through the code also helped me norrow down what data i can get from what i enabled true. Once you add the .dll to the refernce, VS 2017 telesense does help when you coding when you use the period after each object or varibles you can read what infor you can get.
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    CGameDev got a reaction from cluelessgenius in Systyem monitor in C#   
    I use  3 method to get the hardware data, 
    using System.Management; using System.Management.Instrumentation; -- This is to access the Disk information  
    using System.Diagnostics; -- to access Performace Monitor information  
    using OpenHardwareMonitor.Hardware; -- to access cpu and gpu temperture  
    nvidia-smi --query-gpu=utilization.memory --format=csv --To access NVIDA GPU usage, I coud have use this for all gpu data if i wanted to.