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  1. Well, I do know there are other engines that are basically tool suites like Unity or Unreal for example. I do plan to use visual studio, blender and adobe outside programming other necessary tools. Also, planning to possibly cell shade 3D models. Depending on the method taken, it may eat some resources. I heard. I really need to brush up on todays methods but I'll live and so will my programmer.
  2. Hello everyone, You may call me Miss Bourgeau. Im here because I need some advice on what parts make up a good use case senario for Game Development and so on. I already know what case I will use. Ie the corsair slate 1000D. (Which has plenty of room.) Also. We hail from Michigan USA. So the currency is us dollars. Before we get started I am not exactly new to pc's. Been around them for at least 25 years and built a few gaming PCs. If you can try to inform me of the best parts you would or do use. Via 2018. (please list the latest parts) highlighting workstation vs standard/gaming