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  1. unfortunately I dont have a caliper right now, that is why I am trying to ask if anyone knows the thickness of the pads that i need
  2. Good day!! As the title suggests, just want to ask if anyone knows the thickness of the thermal found in the galax gtx 1660ti 1-click oc. I am planning to repaste my gpu soon and also changing the pads in the process. Cant really find a useful teardown online so I hope someone can help thanks!!
  3. afaik awp is an american brand (according to there site and the meaning of the AWP) anyway do you suggest that I try to replace the battery of my ups first since it just recently started. for the battery I checked it already and it has a 12V9Ah battery inside
  4. sorry for the very late reply had some personal stuff to attend to, to answer your question it just recently started
  5. Hey guys, can someone help me out with this. I have a 1000va ups rated for 600w that shuts down immediately sometimes when the power goes out if pc is under load (i.e. in game, rendering or stress testing). Is this a sign of a faulty battery or a faulty ups? my specs are: Specs: ryzen 5 2600 oc to 3.9ghz @ 1.3V 2x8gb 3200mhz galax gtx 1660ti asrock b450 steel legend 10 120mm fans deepcool rgb 350 rgb strip seasonic s12g 550w P.S. my ups is already out of warranty and it is just aroun
  6. sadly the z323 is not available in my country
  7. Hi guys so I am planning to upgrade my speaker setup up, I have been using 2.0 speakers for 5 years already which are already giving up (the volume knob and plug are loose already) and since I have finished my computer upgrades for now I would like to treat myself into better audio. I am torn between 5 options in my country (Philippines) here are them: logitech z213 for 1000php logitech z313 for 1500php (on sale) logitech z333 for 1800php (on sale) edifier m1360 for 1400php (on sale) edifier xmp2pf for 1800php based on my research about them I am leaning on
  8. EndofEra


    I am n
  9. They both have heatsinks and if ever I decide to take them apart is also voids the warranty it has and always has been a way for stores to scare us customers to avoid servicing our own parts
  10. How can I make sure that they are correct?
  11. Thank you for this, may I ask also as to why the programs I have previously used dont show the ram's spd info?
  12. I recently bought a kit or core2 2x8gb 3200mhz avexir ram kit but I can view its spd info in any program, I have tried rammon, hw info and cpuz. They all ran as an admin. I have tried to test it with memtest 86 and windows memory diagnostic and no problems are found. Is this a bad thing? Should I RMA my kit? This is my first time to experience this and I dont really know anything about SPD on ram. Thanks
  13. I just bought a ups and I was wondering if I should unplug my psu from the ups or switch it off (with the switch in the psu). Also should I leave my ups powered on? Are they not able to charge up as long as they are plugged on the wall even though they are switched off? Whenever I switch my ups off the charging light is still on so I assume it is still charging but based on the forums I have read ups are to be left turned on but most of the forums I found are old one like from 2000-2016
  14. okay thank you very much for those infos will take note of them
  15. yes I know but I am willing to sacrifice a bit of my preference if maxing the brightness would affect its lifespan