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  1. Unfortunately I already tried an adapter and had no luck. I didn't even get a display from the Xbox at all, so unless my adapter just sucks, I don't think this will work
  2. I understand that most TV's don't have display ports, but not every single person using a console uses a TV. I know plenty of people that use PC monitors for their last gen consoles. It's probably just to cut corners in production cost, but it's just annoying. Obviously older gen consoles don't have it since higher refresh rates weren't really mainstream back then.
  3. I managed to get a few Xbox's for retail so I kept one for myself, and gave the others to family members. As a PC user, I was really excited to finally have a console that can push out higher than 60fps. However, I clearly didn't do enough research, because I open the damn thing just to find out that I can't even go past 55hz. I knew that the PS5/Series X had HDMI 2.1, but I just assumed that there was either an extra display port in the IO, or some backwards compatibility with 2.1. So yes, I'm really dumb for just assuming that I could run 120fps on my 144hz 2K monitor, but why is nobody talk
  4. I've been looking around to see if I could find any good black friday deals on monitors and TV's, but I can't seem to find a TV that supports both HDMI 2.1 and 4K that's not $600 or above. Does anyone know if there's any budget options? I already have a 2K 144hz 27 inch monitor for my PC, but I'm more looking to find something that's bigger for my Series X. I guess I might just have to settle with a 60hz TV, and just use my other monitor for gaming, unless there's a budget option for $300-$400. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great, thanks!
  5. LTT forums is probably not the best place to ask a question like this since everyone here is a PC nerd, but I'm really torn if I should go PC or Console. On paper, it would definitely make more sense if I just buy a 2080ti when it depreciates in the next few months, especially since my rig is already decent (Ryzen 3600 paired with 16GB of ram). In fact, I've been a PC guy for a while now, and I've probably built over 10 machines at this point for friends, etc. The reason why I'm considering just going with an XBOX series S, is because I just recently sold my RX 5700 XT for $360. I could litera
  6. Hello all, I recently upgraded my RGB fans with two sets of DEEPCOOL 120mm. I used the first set to test and see if the lights worked correctly with my PC (Which they did) and installed the rest of them to my case. However, I didn't realize that both sets of fans are each required to use a 3 pin, +5V connector on the motherboard in order to power the RGB. I didn't see this as a problem until I realized that my motherboard, (X570 Chipset ASUS) only has one of those ports. Are there any workarounds, or adapters I can get in order to bypass this? I don't really care about RGB that much, but havin
  7. I tried changing those settings, but still nothing. However, I just realized that my PC is the only one with an AMD processor. I'm assuming that AMD and Intel have different network adapters. Could that be part of the problem? I'll try to download new MOBO drivers first
  8. Yeah, the speed and duplex is set to Auto Negotiation. Should that be configured?
  9. Hello all, I recently just upgraded my Verizon internet plan to 500mb/s, but I'm just now realizing that there is an issue with my main PC. Originally my internet plan was 100 mb/s so I didn't think getting 60-80 mb/s (ethernet) was much of a problem. However, I'm still getting only 60-80 mb/s on ethernet, even with the 500 mb/s plan. All of my other machines in the house get 400-500 upload and download. It's ironic because all of the other computers in the house are old Dell and HP desktops but my new extremely nice gaming rig is the only one that is having issues. (Every PC is connected via
  10. I'm not exactly sure about the price changes in the current ryzen CPU's, but keep in mind that the release of the consoles later this year is going to drop computer component prices dramatically if you're willing to wait until later this year.
  11. I've had my PC config for a long time now (5700 XT/Ryzen 5 3600), but have never tried running minecraft. Since I've been stuck at home for a while, I finally decided to run minecraft with some of my buddys yesterday. I was expecting to run atleast 1000fps, but was extremely puzzled to see 48-120 fps in a survival world. I decided to do some investigating, and I quickly realized that my 5700 XT clock frequencies were jumping from 1800mHz all the way down to 900mHz in game. After reading other peoples problems, it's pretty obvious to see that some high powered GPU's don't see Minecraft as a mai
  12. I was having these same exact problems recently with my new build (Using the 5700 XT). My monitors kept turning off every 5 minutes (And not turning back on), and my games would keep crashing when I opened them. For my situation, I found that the GPU wasn't necessarily the problem. My problem was the motherboard being outdated for my processor (Ryzen 3600). I used multiple different B450 motherboards, and I would keep having the same issue. The flickering and crashing finally stopped when I tried a newer X570 mobo. For you, I would maybe try to update your Motherboard BIOS and just see if that
  13. Hello all, I have an ASRock RX 5700 XT and don't understand why it doesn't want to overclock. I know that they run pretty hot from stock, but I still wanted to just try overclocking and see how much performance increase it has. Does anyone know why the Core Clock dials keep resetting back to 2150MHz and the Memory keep resetting back to 1750MHz? I'll increase the clock by even 1MHz, and it still resets. I tried turning up the power limit and updating to the newest Adrenalin Drivers but it does no good.
  14. I had this problem recently. The first thing I would do is check to see if there are any troubleshoot lights on your motherboard. Sometimes they can point you in the right direction to why your PC isn't posting. The next thing I would do is see if you have a BIOS flashback button on your motherboard. It's unlikely, but definitely possible that your motherboard might just need a BIOS update. If your PC can't post and doesn't have a BIOS flashback button, you unfortunately won't be able to update your BIOS without somehow getting into the BIOS again.
  15. Sorry if I missed it if you already said this, but have you tried any other monitors to see if there are still pixels? Or have you tried any different display cables?