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  1. Like the title states, I was playing some Siege, when all of the sudden my screen just becomes white. The only audio I could hear was from discord and I don’t think I could hear the in-game audio. I’ve had the monitor for 2 years now it’s an https://www.amazon.com/Acer-KG271-Cbmidpx-FREESYNC-Technology/dp/B07598SX6S?pd_rd_w=S03uF&pf_rd_p=b1335604-246e-4b5e-8fbd-a1c826ead4a3&pf_rd_r=SSQEJK1C9GFTZDJ0YZ0Y&pd_rd_r=98cc6e91-0b69-4845-b7cd-018269988d4a&pd_rd_wg=3mqmO&pd_rd_i=B07598SX6S&ref_=pd_bap_m_rp_1_1_dc . I realized that as soon as the monitor has power the sc
  2. Yesterday I cloned my mothers HDD onto a new SSD she bought, however her PC is old and I’m having a trouble recognizing the way to have the PC boot from the SSD. Below I’ve attached the Bios menu. Does anyone know how to do it?
  3. Yes there is a SATA DVD drive, I’ll try using those cables.
  4. Yes I do have spare USB drives. I know how to keep the files that’s easy, it’s just windows. How do I move windows (while preserving everything) from the HDD to the SSD without them both being connected?
  5. Right now I’m trying to help my dad put in an ssd into the PC and move everything from the old HDD into the SSD that he just bought. The only issue is the original PC had only one HDD, with everything including windows on it. If I want to move everything on that HDD into the SD without having both storage units connected at the same time, would that be possible? I’ve built 5 PCs in my lifetime so I know what I’m doing when it comes to parts. It’s just the fact that the old PC had one HDD, and only enough cables to manage one HDD. Also, another thing is that I’ve downloaded windows in
  6. Yeah I just switched it back. Is there any downsides to having my PC on high power mode? I think I had it on because I heard that it helped gaming or something. If I keep the clock speed at 4600 because of the high power mode will it cause any issues?
  7. Is this normal? If it isn’t what could be the cause of this, and how should I fix it?
  8. I’m not sure which places I’m supposed to stick these the f panel things into the adapter.
  9. Oh ok, also would you say around 65* at 1000-1500 rpm is good?
  10. Just finished! Questions/concerns below 1.Heatsink is slightly tilted due to my card being too wide for the whole heatsink. (Attached pictures) 2. I cut too many holes from the plastic sheet, and to prevent the heat sink from touching the card I just plopped a piece of foam in the hole. 3. the foam pieces weren’t messy due to my finger touching them A LOT due to repositioning 4. lifted the card off the pre applied thermal paste a few times, don’t know if it got messy or not. Based on all of the areas I went wrong they shouldn’t effect my perf
  11. I just read the instructions again. Apparently I don’t need thermal pads on the bottom side' and only the side that touches the heatsink? Would I proceed to remove all thermal pads on the down facing side?
  12. I’m currently trying to install the Arctic Accelero Xtreme Iv onto my RX580. The directions is a mess for beginners and I am wondering if I put the thermal pads on right. The directions tell me to place it on the hot components, but being fairly new everything looks the same to me.
  13. It’s fine, I just ordered the Arctic Xtreme IV, the extra fan and size might be overkill but oh well. Hopefully it woks! Arctic doesnt like like to answer their emails. I’ve emailed them countless times and no response.