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  1. Simple. I pay 150£ for the cheapest solid 32gb kit. OR I pay 150£ for the cheapest solid 64gb kit. Double the capacity for the same price. The market is weird right now. (Another reason is I play with VMs and 32gbs might limit me, and I would have to purchase the 64gb either way.)
  2. Alright, 3200 kit it is. Thank you for your answers. And I get to save 100 quid aswell.
  3. Right now Im on 3700x with GB B550i AX. Plan on getting a 5900x hopefully in a few months.
  4. Hello there, looking to upgrade my ram as 16gb is starting to limit me. (I'm on mITX so I cant just put 2 extra stick in there.) So, is it worth getting 3600 (cl18) at 240£ or 3200 (cl16) at 154£? Cheapest 32gb kit is also 150£. 64gb kits https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#sort=price&Z=65536002,65536004 32gb kits https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#Z=32768002 Not sure if I can push the 3200 kit to 3600 with same timings.
  5. Both are reserved for me to pickup tomorrow. Question is, which one to pick. Both suit my build fine, I dont care much about rgb.
  6. Hello there, RNGesus granted me great luck over the last 48h and I managed to order 2x rtx 3080 (both will be available to pickup in 24h). Evga 3080 FTW3 Ultra - 820£ Palit Gainward 3080 Phoenix - 750£ The question is, which one should I keep, as I have no intention of having both or reselling the other one (scalpers can F off). (Running 1440p@144hz with 3700x in a mITX NR200 build.)
  7. Its one of the better games to launch this year for us PC "plebs". Every else, except Doom, was mediocre in my eyes.
  8. Using a 1080ti + 3700x on a 1440p 144hz panel. First thought I could get to around 80-90fps on ultra, but now I will be happy to get 60 fps constant on medium. I hope G Sync helps...
  9. Switched position of jumpers (stock position was both furthest from headphone jack). No difference, only slightly louder. So I guess the DAC goes on the shelf, waiting for something with more impedance. Back to using adapters to 3,5mm......
  10. Will try the jumper, give me a few minutes, These? They are so goddamn cheap. https://europe.beyerdynamic.com/dt-990-pro.html
  11. So, should changing the jumper to low impedance help or will it stay the same? Did I waste almost $80?
  12. Hey guys, my new FX Audio DAC-X6 finally arrived. But I have this issue. There is a strong crackling/noise sound that is very noticeable in everything. From Windows sounds to YT videos and games. I noticed some very cheap headphones have this same issue, with certain frequencies being completly out of range. Headphones: Sennheiser HD 598SR (sound perfectly fine with my onboard mobo audio (X299 Dark)) Read about Audio Jumpers and high/low impedance headphones, but I want to consult you first before opening it up and loosing the ability to RMA.
  13. Alright, so which one of these mobos is the best option? Budget is a concern. Asrock Phantom - $230 (usd) MSI Gaming Edge - $150 GB Aorus - $175 Asus Strix - $220 (maybe selling the 9900k and getting something like a 3700x and b550 might be a better option) About cases, Jonsbo A4 is stupid expensive ($300) and looks like a GPU hotbox. NZXT H1 - $350, but Im not sure if the 120mm AIO is enough for a 9900k. GPU temps arent the best either. CM NR200 - One local retailer said they should be availabe around late november, if ever.
  14. I have the Sapphire Pulse. Deshrouding and case fans could work with something similar to a NCase. What about the Asrock ITX boards? Heard some praises from GN and HW Unboxed.
  15. Saw some reviews of the CM NR200, looks sweet. But I need the case before the end of August/1st week September, and I doubt it will launch before that. Not too keen on AliExpress, as it usually takes over 2 months (1 month at the customs) and comes with a fat 50% tax. (EU stuff you know)