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  1. Anyone have a clue as to when the winner for the IRL event might be announced? I'd be happy just to have gotten them to see my vid, I enjoy making fun projects for these contests
  2. Yep, but that technically isnt stopping any people "going to Alaska" from coming up. I was mostly talking about people from other places in Canada, meaning you can't live in a different province and win the contest.
  3. Unfortunately you have to live in the Lower Mainland, they're not allowing anyone that lives outside of BC to win it seems.
  4. I've tried using 2 sets of drivers, some that are signed and some that aren't. The only one that would work is the official AMD Catalyst 13.4 Beta Legacy Driver, and only if I install it with the ISA Aliasing enabled, then disabling when rebooting. But then it turns off SMP for the games so now I'm severely CPU bottlenecked D: Like I said, it works, but now I don't have that sweet dual core action In some games like Hitman 2 it's fine, but then Blood Money doesn't work, though it does work with the Dual core when I use my Doom 3 6600GT I'm rebuilding my
  5. Hi there, So as the title says I have a MSI K7D Master Mobo with dual Athlon MP 2000+s, using an HD 3850 AGP for graphics. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 fresh install as well. For some reason the drivers for the HD 3850 AGP will install, but then when I restart the system it says that there is no ATI Graphics Card inserted into the system. I somehow fixed this by changing a setting in the BIOS (IGP ISA Aliasing from Enabled to Disabled), but then that made it so that not both of my CPUs were being utilized in Windows. Now I've reinstalled the driv
  6. Just a bit of fun. They obviously wouldn't do one in this climate, though it would be a fun little thing for their local viewers
  7. I'm just hoping that my idea is original and doesn't come off as too infomercially as that's not what I was trying to do. I know mine is really quick and jump-cutty, but I hope the concept of being stuck in bad graphics is good enough. Also yeah, I did edit my video then put it on VHS. I personally think it adds to the cheesy crappy look, but that may hurt it as well as its not as clear to see whats happening in the video. Video for reference: Edit: finally figured out how to embed the video haha
  8. I do wonder, who is the unfortunate soul that has to watch all these? @CPotter I'm so sorry if it's you.
  9. Just posted my entry if you guys were interested. Took a lot of work to get the keying done, and actually recording onto VHS and back to HD was a pain as well, but overall I hope I did good. The theme was being stuck in bad graphics because my PC is slow now. https://youtu.be/79QoOCwRvh8 Please let me know what you think, and if it's better or worse than my last attempt at the ROGRigReboot
  10. Hey everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone knows what testing methodology for the CPUs the team used in the new review, as it seems important. If they were testing the Ten-Nine-Hundred Kay (awful name) at their unlimited 250W, but then the 3900X using 150W, it doesn't seem too fair. Just because there's a 16% improvement in performance for gaming doesn't mean it's worth the 78% more power draw. BC Hydro's Power Calc gives the result of (6hrs/day, 1 year) of 328.50kWh & $36.73 for R9 and 547.50kWh & $61.21 for i9. If anyone
  11. I was just going to pick up a "cheap" Eyoyo 10in 4:3 1024x768 monitor off amazon.ca and internally have the 1050 plug into it from there, no cutting of original plastic at all like some other builds I see in these cases. Still haven't had the funds for the project as car payments and being in high school dont help much with money. I've also changed my mind on some of the parts, opting for the cheaper Ryzen 5 2400G for it's onboard graphics to have separate displays for both a Windows VM and a FreeNAS VM. Oh yeah, this would now be a NAS for my household so my Dad can watch Die Hard
  12. Would I still be able to stream my content on the HDDs to other devices easily? (Other PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids, Xbox One/PS4/Roku)
  13. Would I be able to just put in a crappy PCIe video out card that would output the video for the NAS and have the integrated graphics passed through to windows? LTT did this years ago with an intel CPU and an actually good GPU.
  14. Thank you very much for your help. I'm still a while away from building so I'll learn everything I need between now and then. Thanks!
  15. Transcoding would mean streaming from the source file type and changing it to another? Ex. .mkv to mp4? I will have all of my media already encoded as .mp4's which is usable on most of the devices I'm hoping to stream to (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Xbox).