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  1. No 3 pin fans are available and my currently case fan is making alot of noise. So.. Can i plug a 4 pin fan and use it? Any electronic danger? Anything i should be careful about?
  2. Hello The USB devices that are plugged in are ; 1 keyboard 1 mouse And that's it. Nothing else is plugged in as USB devices.
  3. Hi LTT. so, with the help of this community, i was able to decide on my next PSU, which was the Corsair TX550M. This is the relevant post with my PC specs, for context. Now, there is a small problem issue i would like to ask the community about. I noticed, that while my PC tower was standing upright, there was this "electrical buzzing" sound coming from the PSU. i don't know how else to explain it, but i have a sound recording that i did by taking my phone very close to the PSU. Also, i tried to lay down my PC casing,in a position where the Mothe
  4. I WAS ABLE TO GET THE CORSAIR TXM 550W POWER SUPPLY WOOHOO Thank you @Mateyyy, @boggy77, @TofuHaroto, @Spotty, @jonnyGURU, @MrBrightSyde, @BlackManINC for ALL your help, recommendations, guidance AND most importantly ... CLEARING UP ANY MISCONCEPTIONS ON PSUs I LOVE YOU ALL (7 hearts, one for each and everyone of you ) SEE YOU
  5. Thanks everyone, will be going to the market soon Hope it works out for me !
  6. alright mate. going to try my very best to find a TXM unit and will (probably) go over budget if the prices are stupid due to covid-19 wish me luck !
  7. i could also use your opinion, guys = @Mateyyy , @TofuHaroto, @Spotty, @MrBrightSyde and @boggy77 i am going to the main market in 16 hours and could use some quick advice .. P.S : sorry if it is rude to tag people, not my intention to break any rules here. if something here seems to be against the forum rules, my apologies mods !
  8. hey there Mr.Johnny so a little bit of advice needed. stocks are tight in Pakistan and i have had trouble finding the TX550M or even the TX650M in stock across the computer shops in my city. i haven't asked for the availability of the CX750 model but it may be available. would my specs ( as listed in the OP ) pair safely with the CX750 ? is there any danger to my components if i use the CX750 instead of the TX550M ?
  9. sorry mr. @Jtalk4456 i totally misunderstood you there i apologize for my rather strange and sudden outburst it was not my intention no hard feelings ( and hopefully none from your side too as well ) i hope all is forgiven peace OUT
  10. Hmmm... Now that you mention it, i feel i should mention the voltage drops. This summer i haven't seen any drastic drops in voltage (esp anything similar to going as low as 90 V from the standard 220 V) BUT there have been instances where it may drop a little bit, to around 200. Or maybe even go to 180 or 160 V but rarely. Regardless, i never trust the electricity provider of the city and would take every possible precaution to protect the PC components from any electrical mishap. Thanks for letting me know about the hold-up time ! And about the capabilit
  11. Would have appreciated your input on the PSU instead, sir Yes indeed, its not a UPS. As you might figure, such things are quite costly here ( like seriously costly for the consumer in sharp contrast to other countries) Will get one when the pocket allows Feel free to give any more guidance as and if you see fit !
  12. This seems like a very interesting post ! I am eager to see what kind of options the PSU experts will offer here.. That's a badass system you got right there
  13. Thanks for this ! I always wondered about what was the individual power pull of each individual component
  14. Is it electronically dangerous to run different frequency ram sticks together ? i have got an original Kingston 4GB stick paired with an original ADATA 8GB stick ... let me know if there's anything i should correct there ... one is 2400 MHZ and the other is i think 2666 MHZ ... i was looking for an M2 SSD, since the mobo has a slot for it, but i will add it after i have enough money to buy one ( COVID has made stuff expensive af ) can you tell me what is wrong with a WD green HDD ? like anything i should be aware of ? esp with regards to data loss prevention or any
  15. understood and thanks for the clarification appreciate your input