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  1. Figured it out .. it was rollback rx pro so the missing space was being used by the software to cache space for it's snapshots they store snapshots at sector level .. so you cannot see the space at user level ( i.e when browsing the file system on windows ) ref : https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/1468978-question-about-rollback-home-edition ( Read Sam's reply , who works / used to work for Horizon Datasys - which developed Rollback )
  2. also mate , i don't think you're crazy you were just trying to help and i appreciate that ! how should i share wiztree results ?
  3. backed up everything on a portable HDD and that C: drive should have about 100 GBs free but the stupid error is just causing trouble by disappearing free space ..
  4. @Electronics Wizardy should i use HD sentinel ? what tests should i run ? I already scanned with Malware Bytes as well , no malware found can you please help me with the disappearing free space ?
  5. Please advise - also going to do a check for E: drive
  6. data is very very imporant .. OMG , why is this happening
  7. Fixed by chkdsk right now but this SHOULD NOT be happening any disk experts who can guide me ?
  8. eh .. i just uninstalled division 2 , mafia 3 def edition and Fifa 17 recycle bin wasn't involved
  9. I have a WD Green 1 TB HDD now the E: drive partition , which has 736 GB has been acting very, very weird i cleared up a ton of space from it but it doesn't show the freed up space ?! any reason why this is happening ?! i fixed this before by running an extensive disk check for 5 + hours , but i don't want to do that every time a clear up space ! it's happening again ! what do i do ! please help me !
  10. Hey LTT Forums ! So i need to replace the battery on the motherboard I am thinking of ordering these - > Toshiba CR2032 Battery Are these safe for the motherboard CMOS ? would be great if you can advise thanks !
  11. oh boy , i can't afford to do this for at least a week i can get the results to you around a week later or so does the USB stick need to be absolutely clean for memtest ? i have some important files in a 32 GB kingston drive that i use cheers
  12. just a second, this isn't the DPC watchdog violation crash dump, is it ? i think i faintly remember a random BSoD regarding page fault once .. but it never happened again