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  1. My suggestion would be a little pricey but it would last a long time, I’d recommend getting a new mobo, i5 8400 and ddr4 ram. This will last you for many years to come.
  2. If you can I’d recommend the i3 8100. 4 core 4 thread. It’s about 120$ US. That translates to less than 100 quid in the UK. If that is too much maybe try the pentium gold
  3. I already have an i5 8400, was thinking mainly to use it as a home desktop for excel and other programs and some 60 FPS 1080p gaming on PUBG, fortnite, and GTA V
  4. Hi everyone! Is the gigabyte h370 hd3 a good h370 motherboard? It’s only 95$ on Amazon and Gigabyte is a good brand, I will add a fan splitter so I can have 4 case fans and 1 cpu fan