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    grss1982 got a reaction from Rackso in Will my 450W PSU be enough for a RX 5700 XT?   
    This might give you a rough idea I guess.
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    grss1982 reacted to Bombastinator in Found computer parts...   
    He mentioned fallout 4 (older aaa game) and elder scrolls 6 (not yet released aaa game). For non-gaming standard stuff a GPU is not even needed.  The intel cpu has a low end gpu inside it which should be enough for non gaming tasks.  If no discrete gpu is used and gaming is abandoned the PSU probably doesn’t even need to be upgraded.  Just add storage, peripherals and a case.
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    grss1982 reacted to OneMember in New gaming computer and monitor   
    Hups, I linked wrong item into memory it seems.
    "Kingston 16GB (2 x 8GB) HyperX Fury, DDR4 3200MHz, CL16, 1.35V, black" is text in onlinestore, so smart me just looked exact price and picked that from System Builder instead of reading what I added... All good now.
    I will upgreade that CPU cooler into Pro version. Thank you for noticing that. 
    @grss1982, it's rare to meet another non-RGB superfan these days.
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    grss1982 got a reaction from OneMember in New gaming computer and monitor   
    Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well.
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    grss1982 reacted to Polyvalent in New Half-Life VR Game Announced by Valve.   
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    grss1982 reacted to NeuesTestament in Windows 7 to Windows 10   
    I did it on July 30th with a Dell OEM license for Windows 7 Pro and it worked. Windows version was 1903. But since then I had one OEM license not work and I could not really figure out why. But generally it should work.
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    grss1982 got a reaction from Fasauceome in Is an Asus ROG Maximus IV extreme p67 worth it??   
    Not to mention that he's not even using a K processor. IMHO paying for overclocking features that you can't use seems like a waste of $$$.
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    grss1982 reacted to Dean.P. in Windows 7 to Windows 10   
    Cheers mate!
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    grss1982 reacted to tigery0 in Salvaged Parts Rig   
    I work as an IT intern and these were going to be thrown away. The parts are better than my gaming PC currently so I wanted an upgrade. Mostly gaming but will need it on the side for coding/programming. 
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    grss1982 got a reaction from Shrage Musik in Upgrade Recommendations?   
    New PSU.  Preferably the brands recommended by people here in LTT.
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    grss1982 reacted to Juicebox124 in Helping a friend buy a PC   
    Yeah im giving him my WD green 1tb drive cause he mentioned he wanted more storage but thankyou for your suggesion
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    grss1982 reacted to dontdropitlinus in Tips on what to upgrade?   
    Wow, that's nice. I ain't in a hurry so I'll see how the prices will go... Thanks.
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    grss1982 got a reaction from jonlikesturtles in How to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 without data loss   
    This should be useful: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ph/help/12435/windows-10-upgrade-faq
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    grss1982 got a reaction from CarnageAsada80 in Best CPU for Office 365 & Web   
    Get SSDs for you current rigs.
    I have several computers here in the office running Office 2016 and Windows 10.  Specifically on Dell Optiplex 3010s (i3-3240 + 2x4GB RAM + 250GB SATA HDD) and they're a bit clunky with browsing and using Office 2016.

    IMHO an SSD upgrade should give it a boost in performance.
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    grss1982 reacted to bws2007 in Can you realy get windows 10 pro for under 15$?   
    You can still get the free upgrade they don't advertise it anywhere but if you have a windows 7/8/8.1 key lying around you can use it when it asks for windows 10 I've just did a upgrade on my windows 7 PC and windows 8 PC one last night and one tonight
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    grss1982 reacted to Jurrunio in Best CPU for Office 365 & Web   
    good enough imo, add SSDs instead
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    grss1982 got a reaction from LogicalDrm in Windows 7 home premium(32-bit) reactivation help.   
    Not exactly. Discontinued as described by Microsoft is when the product is officially not anymore supported i.e. Windows XP and Windows Vista or Office 2007.  IIRC support for Windows 7 will end early next year.
    My contacts inform me that the replacement key process is still in place but at it's up to the MS technician to offer. You can't just ask for it when contacting.
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    grss1982 reacted to NelizMastr in 2007-2008 Desktop upgrade   
    You can build new, yes, but you might get better value by going with a used Office PC, like the Dell Optiplex 3010, 3020, 9010 or 9020 or HP Prodesk 400G1/G2. They are all easy to upgrade and can be had for $100-150 depending on the market. That'll net you anything from a Pentium to an i5, 4-8GB of RAM. Just add a SSD and you're set.
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    grss1982 reacted to LogicalDrm in Can't install windows 10   
    What does that mean? You should be able to boot to USB regardless of what you are going to install it onto. If you have another drive to try with, use that.
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    grss1982 got a reaction from MEC-777 in How is this for a browsing machine   
    If just for browsing why a Ryzen?  Can't you just go with the Athlon 200GE APU on this?
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    grss1982 reacted to LukeSavenije in Hello! Not good at computers, so would like some help please   
    it is, but it's also 50 bucks cheaper...
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    grss1982 got a reaction from GovHealthcare in Mobo box with all spare parts from my build thrown out - what am I missing?   
    The box for those items. 
    Usually my tendency is if there's an extra sata cable  or two from the motherboard box I keep it there. Same with brackets and screws in a case, I keep it in the box that it came with. So too for the video card if it had some special connectors and such.
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    grss1982 got a reaction from Douwevdm in Upgrading PC from 2013   
    As others have mentioned, your setup is still good for gaming but it depends on the games you play and at what resolution.  A GPU upgrade should boost performance.
    Also used DDR3 is quite cheap nowadays might be a good idea to grab yourself 16GB of RAM or more.
    Cheap used i7 could also be an option.
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    grss1982 reacted to LinusTech in *FLOATPLANE*I want to replicate the xbox sleeper   
    Really cool to see you inspired like this
    The build will be up for everyone to see on YT in the next week or so!
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    grss1982 got a reaction from Turtle Rig in Upgrade Time   
    A Ryzen processor, more RAM,  an SSD and a new video card.
    But that depends on the use case of this PC i.e. is it for gaming or a little of both gaming and non-gaming use.
    Also, any particular reason why he wants to upgrade? If it's just for the sake of upgrading might as well save the money.
     He's already Ryzen ready. Why a new CPU and mobo? Is the mobo just that bad?