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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from Grabhanem in Best graphics api?   
    Thank you!
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from Slayerking92 in How do I restrict home/root page on IIS?   
    So, what I want to do is somehow not grant access to the virtual directories (IP/path1) but not the root or home page (IP) it's an FTP site if that helps. 
    I've tried changing the root folder's IUSR permission but that does nothing, like it can still be uploaded to or downloaded/viewed, when i go to IIS and change the FTP Authorization rule it applies to all of the virtual directories as well, even if I remove it from the virtual directories they just just for a username/password. It's like it requires access to other root/home to access the other
    (I want the virtual directories to be accessed anonymously)
    I mainly don't want anyone uploading to the homepage/root in the ftp site. 
    another thing; the virtual directories' physical directory is a different drive so they aren't in the root folder.
    Or is there a way to create a ftp site with out a root/home page? 
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from Weeeeems in Ram upgrade game crashing   
    Changed the voltage from 1.250 to 1.350 and games don’t seem to crash, thanks 
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from Ben17 in Corsair programming buttons   
    Recently my corsair m65 pro's scroll wheel broke and i was to use the two button on the side as a scroll wheel like making the front one make pages go up and button one go down, is that possible? or any alternatives like a program to make keybinds to do that or something? (not just web browsing but for gaming)  ( cant return mouse since i threw away the box)
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from Ben17 in Corsair programming buttons   
    I honestly can't thank you enough!  thank you so much ❤️ Hopefully corsair can help with the issue if they do decide to respond but if not ill resume using the program (the script worked PERFECTLY) though im worry ill get banned so lets see how this goes, thanks again! 
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from kirashi in VoiceMeeterBanana audio from only 1 souce?   
    Alright thank you though 
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from Crunken in Keep file google download   
    It should do, thanks!
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    Flux Azreal reacted to Mira Yurizaki in FTP to HTTP?   
    If you're asking if the file is only accessible using an ftp:// URL and you want it so you can get the video player because it only shows up as such using an http:// url, you can't. That's something the server has to work out so it can serve the said file on the http:// server.
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from GoodBytes in Windows update not showing up?   
    Thank you so much you explained everything in just 1 go  so informative! 
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    Flux Azreal reacted to GoodBytes in Windows update not showing up?   
    It means in groups of people which may or may not follow a set of criteria.
    In the old days of Windows, when an update was released, it was released to everyone. The problem is that servers could get clog up, and download speed could take a serious hit, a growing issue with more and more people getting Internet and PCs at home and work. Then things switch to groups of people to reduce server stress. Today, the same applies, in addition, Microsoft releases updates based on certain system specs and software installed on the system, to see if there is a problem that occurs. if so, an automated system created update blocks to limit any issues, and Microsoft will investigate it, narrow it down the update block to a specific hardware or software, unblocking people, and blocking who truly are the target of the issue, then they'll add it to the release notes the issue with the status (mitigated, resolved, investigating, or blocked).
    Here is the current status:
    You can force the update using Microsoft Update Assistance (https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10 - click on "Update now" blue button at the top of the page), but you do this at your own risk. If you have issues, you'll need to live with them until a fix is released by Microsoft, or the software or the hardware manufacture (driver update). Example of issues can be: some hardware feature not working, data loss, a or some programs can't run, some Windows feature not work right, or you may face with consent BSODs issues.
    These are partial specs. A simple memory card inserted into the system, a particular sound card or chip on the system or software version installed on your system can make you fall into an update block.
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from Cyberspirit in PC refuses to turn on till i shutdown psu?   
    alright ty :)
    nice specs btw
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    Flux Azreal reacted to BryceJonathan in games that use 6/8 cores   
    My favourite game cinebench uses it. Haha im funny.
    Anyways now a serious answer, the vast vast majority wont utilize more than 4 cores and even if they did most of the time 4 faster clocked cores will be better for gaming than 8 slower cores which is why the 7700k is still the best for fps in games.
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    Flux Azreal got a reaction from suchamoneypit in port forwarding help