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  1. Is there any way i can get the models from these? Im pretty sure these are for models and textures These are the file contents if you think u can do anything with them em21.arc em21.zip (used ARCtool.exe)
  2. So im extracting an old game and id like to view the models and textures of it, So i found the files online and they were arc files i looked up how to extract them and did, i got these things i was expecting like fbx,obj,ect but idk how i can use these does anyone know what i can do with them? thanks
  3. I just made a ftp server using iis (60mbps download/ 10mbps upload) [on host] when i try uploading something to the ftp server (the network im uploading to has 1000 mbps up and down) and im barely getting 1mbps speeds?
  4. What i did was put my ram voltage to Auto and ran every ram stick on itself and try to see which one was the broken one, they all worked good alone so i put 2 and it worked well then i put my other 2 in and for some reason it all works good now? maybe you should try that? tbh im confused how this works at all :v but worth the try maybe?
  5. Ryzen 5 1600 16 GB 2666 MHz 512 Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  6. So recently i upgraded my pc with buying the exact ram (now its 4x4, 16GB total DDR4) and i been having a lot of game crashes and sometimes google (well, i assume it closes but the applications just outright close with out any error messages), the voltage is like 1.200 but i raised it to like 1.350 and it fixed everything for a while i havent noticed a game crash but today i just got a BSOD saying Memory_Management , it was stuck at 100% so i just restarted my pc :v my ram (bought 2): https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Vengeance-2x4GB-2400MHz-Memory/dp/B0123ZB70Q/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=8gb%2Bdd
  7. Changed the voltage from 1.250 to 1.350 and games don’t seem to crash, thanks
  8. So i had 2x4 (8gb total) ram and i today upgraded and bought more (same model,speed,brand,ect) so now its 4x4 (16 gb) but now my games are crashing... They just close. No BSOD or anything like that it just crashes idk why, could anyone help me? (https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-Vengeance-2400MHz-PC4-19200-Memory/dp/B0123ZB70Q/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2BNOKP176LO7Y&keywords=corsair%2B8gb%2Bddr4&qid=1575601287&s=electronics&sprefix=corsair%2B8gb%2B%2Celectronics%2C168&sr=1-1&th=1) pretty sure i installed everything correctly...
  9. So recently i noticed that Hyper-v dosent support remoteFX 3d for windows 2019, how can i share my GPU (gtx 1050) while using 2019?
  10. So I reinstalled windows and logged in, and my username (diddent give me option to choose one) put me as “projec”. Can I change that? Like go into my Microsoft account and choose the default username it puts or something?
  11. So I was re installing windows and noticed my primary drive is my extra storage hhd drive, idk if this impacts performance or whatever but is there a way to change primary type to my ssd? Or it dosent matter?
  12. Nah, nothing was updating (task manager shows internet use)
  13. So yesterday I was on a call on discord, seemed to have a issue were the guy I was talking to would cut off and just be extremely laggy and distorted. Games reportedly stuttered, my steam acted up strangely like I would open the workshop and sometimes get some random error every time and when I get it to work and join with a friend I would sometimes disconnect (After 2 attempts of trying to join). This dosent just seems to be me some people say it happened to them aswell. Maybe some api went down? Like aws or some google service or maybe my isp (I use atnt) or perhaps it was just me since I st
  14. Im deciding to re-install windows all together but first im downloading windows staller to my usb, which is taking HOURS like barely any progress, my internet is really quick so im not sure what could be the issue, even in task manager nothing is going over 30% usage
  15. How about geforce now do you know what they use atm?
  16. Is there a specific product that cloud gaming use? Like geforce now, like do they use VMware? or something like that? Or do they make their own software?
  17. I honestly can't thank you enough! thank you so much Hopefully corsair can help with the issue if they do decide to respond but if not ill resume using the program (the script worked PERFECTLY) though im worry ill get banned so lets see how this goes, thanks again!
  18. Recently my corsair m65 pro's scroll wheel broke and i was to use the two button on the side as a scroll wheel like making the front one make pages go up and button one go down, is that possible? or any alternatives like a program to make keybinds to do that or something? (not just web browsing but for gaming) ( cant return mouse since i threw away the box)
  19. Awww :c thats BS, Well, its for the better i guess. Thanks for telling me!
  20. Ahhhh, thank you for the reason behind it! Yea it makes sense now.
  21. Chrome told me they will stop supporting flash. Does this mean any flash games wont work anymore? On chrome? Like you can't do ANY flash related things on chrome anymore?!
  22. Thank you for explaining everything in a way i can understand it