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  1. I'm using Window's 10 pro iis feature to make a http and a ftp, i noticed that the http's speed is extremely fast (300-500mbps) while the ftp is painfully slow (40-100 mbps)

    Is there anything I can do to speed ftp up? (I'm transferring files locally using LAN)

  2. 1 minute ago, Grabhanem said:

    Most 3D game development is done with something higher-level than directly using the graphics APIs -- something like Unity, Unreal, etc. In general, the APIs are just how you communicate with the graphics card, hardware utilization is more down to how you optimize your code. Some APIs try to make it easier to use CPU cores more efficiently (DX12/Vulkan both have focused on this) but at the end of the day, it's up to you to make your game run well.

    Thank you!

  3. I've been looking online for a while now, but no site or video seems to give me a straight answer.

    I want to choose a graphics api to lean, but I want to pick the highest performing one.

    I plan on picking one of the 3: Vulkan, DirectX12, openGL. I want to make simulations and games

    using all the cores, threads, and gpu. But I heard some graphics apis have a limitation on how much

    cpu cores or threads they can use, does anyone know what are the limitations of any of these apis?

    Or can they all utilize cpu and gpu to their fullest potential, and it just depends on the programmer?

  4. So, what I want to do is somehow not grant access to the virtual directories (IP/path1) but not the root or home page (IP) it's an FTP site if that helps. 

    I've tried changing the root folder's IUSR permission but that does nothing, like it can still be uploaded to or downloaded/viewed, when i go to IIS and change the FTP Authorization rule it applies to all of the virtual directories as well, even if I remove it from the virtual directories they just just for a username/password. It's like it requires access to other root/home to access the other

    (I want the virtual directories to be accessed anonymously)

    I mainly don't want anyone uploading to the homepage/root in the ftp site. 

    another thing; the virtual directories' physical directory is a different drive so they aren't in the root folder.

    Or is there a way to create a ftp site with out a root/home page? 

  5. 1 minute ago, EpiCheeseTime said:

    @Flux Azreal You should just be able to turn hotspot on, plug the phone into a USB port and it should just work. I don't remember if cell data was used or not when I did it last. I also cant check for you as I not longer have an iPhone.


    Sadly the only way to enable that would be by enabling cellular data, and it only uses my 4G not my wifi.

  6. So, let's say my computer has no internet connection since it does not have a wifi adapter, and ethernet cable is not possible. Is there a way I can use my iPhone as some sort of network adapter using usb cable, or some tethering withought using cellular data?


    (not sure if I can talk about jailbreaking)

    Or maybe theres some jailbreak program I can use?

  7. So recently I factory reset my windows 10 computer, after installing and updating all my drivers and downloading League of Legends I noticed my ping was capped at 59ms rather then what it previously was (~44ms) What could possibly change it back?

    I've tried:

    - changing DNS to fastest (Google public DNS)

    - Port forwarding / DMZ

    - Made sure all drivers are up to date

    - Made sure there's no background process (fresh install of windows anyways)

    - Using the Hextech Repair Tool

    - Optimizing using a TCP tool

    - other minor things


    My speeds are:

    120mbps up

    5.8mbps  down


  8. 1 hour ago, SupaKomputa said:

    Yes, try reinstalling without hooking the other drive, just to test my theory.

    Update! Everything is up and running, thanks to your help everything is perfectly fine!  No more buggy windows, oh and the windows store still shows my previous apps, that must mean that the list is stored on their server and lists them based on ip? Well anyways, I can't thank you enough! 😊

  9. 1 minute ago, SupaKomputa said:

    Windows will detect any apps on other drives as it scan through the system for the search catalogue.

    So even if you're not installing on the boot drive it would still displaying the apps as installed.

    Ahhh, very interesting. Thank you for telling me, that puts that thought to rest.

  10. 4 minutes ago, SupaKomputa said:

    Maybe after install windows searching for any exe files installed from all drives.

    Oh, I missread that, yeah theres probably all sorts of files on my external drive, like .exe .dlls etc, since it used to store games on it.

    But i don't think there should be any on the one i'm installing (main ssd) since i deleted everything by deleting the partitions from the windows install menu thing.

  11. So, I decided to re-install windows, my method of re-installing is clearing a USB and downloading the .iso from Microsoft's official page and extracting the contents to the usb, and deleting all the partitions except for my external HDD, then installing windows on my main drive (SSD) everything installs flawlessly, untill i get to my desktop. I run into many issues, first of all somehow Microsoft Store knows the apps I "Purchased" like iTunes, adobe, SkyMap, etc without me signing in (keep in mind this is a totally offline account), I highly doughs it gets that information from my external drive (i only things i have in that drive are large games, videos, or other stuff).. Another issue is after a while (aprox 6 min) I lose the ability to type on windows search, like i can click it but when i type nothing happens, same goes for the settings, i just can't type anywhere except other programs like discord, chrome, and other. Theres also the other issue of it not letting me change profile picture of my offline account saying "Account picture error, Setting the account picture failed. Please try again."


    My assumption is deleting the partitions doesn't delete everything and leaves some extra data messing with things... I've also tried to re-install windows again and the same exact issues occur

    If anyone knows why exactly please tell me! Or tell me a proper way of re-installing a fresh version of windows, with all my files deleted and stuff, just as if i got it from a store. Thank you!


    Edit: Another thing I noticed; there's only the things I installed on windows, theres no other pre-installed stuff like there usually is, maybe this could hint on whats going on?


  12. Is there a way to access an application (like RDP, HTTP, Minecraft) from the internet without port forwarding? Like maybe using some sort of vpn or something? 

    Cuz I THINK some vpns have some auto port forwarded ports or something.

    (i know i can port forward through router but i want to try a different approach!)

    (also no hamachi since it requires people who want to connect to also have hamachi, unless thats not the case)

  13. 26 minutes ago, Windows7ge said:

    As far as I am currently seeing it looks like it's a tunable feature on some routers but not others.


    I'm wondering if configuring a Static Route would do anything but I can't say for sure.


    At this time I'm not seeing any setting related to NAT Loopback within my own Router and Googling it isn't telling me that it goes under a different name.


    For my own applications it's not detrimental but for yours perhaps it is. Let's ask someone who may know more than I do about this. @mynameisjuan

    thank you ❤️

  14. 1 minute ago, Windows7ge said:

    This sounds like an issue with NAT Loopback. It's a problem I experienced when getting a new Router from our ISP. I haven't dug too far into it to find what settings need to be changed but if it's fixable it's an settings within the router.

    Oh good its fixable, do you remember anything were the setting it? like if its around Advanced settings or something? Thanks for your reply!

  15. So recently i had AT&T as my ISP, Then i changed to Xfinity Comcast cuz i moved to a new apartment. I port forwarded 80 (I used the preset HTTP since its the port i need)

    And i can only view my website on other network but my own, what i mean by this is when i try to access my website locally it wont work (localhost, ip) though when a friend enters it (with their own network) it works for them, When i go into my localhost i get



    And when i try to go through with my DNS it simply wont even load it times out