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    Sorry, I completely forgot about the mobo debug LED's looks like the M.2 had and issue. Took it out and it booted just fine from the ssd
  2. Grog


    My new build was working great just minutes before this. I booted up my computer after adding a second monitor. It worked great, but wasn't booting from my M.2 Samsung 970 Evo Pro. I've been booting from this for over a week now. But after I plugged in the second monitor it was booting from my ssd. I restarted and went into bios and now it says no system manager. So I shut the computer down and inspected the M.2 to make sure it was still seated correctly. Looked good, checked my ssd drive while the system was opened, it's good. Reboot, and all li get is the message input not supported. I'm
  3. Thanks, I went with the GTX 1660S that I got for pretty cheap second hand. It was $100 US and I can upgrade when the price drops too. So far so good! Thanks for your help.
  4. Final build Parts list. I just deleted the pics of the build itself (by accident),so those will be coming. I also used a 1TB WD that I had in my previous computer. Thanks guys!
  5. it looks like the connections are for addressable rgb. Ok, I’ve gotten everything together, I went with a MSI tomahawk max mobo, and switched to a Phanteks Eclipse P350X case. I have everything connected and set up in the case. The case fans have rgb apparently, but the connector is different. It’s a four pin connector but the 3rd pin is missing. I just have male 4 pin rgb headers. What is this weird pin called? I’ve googled it and found it described, but never a name. Pic of my cables included. Thanks!
  6. Alright, I have tweaked the build with the help of your recommendation and Info. I haven't decided on a gpu yet I'm going to spend a few hundred more so I'll have that, hopefully, figured out before I start. But I was able to find a local shop that would update the bios on the ASUS tuf. Thanks again and I'm still open for suggestions or other options.
  7. I was also considering the secondary market for the GPU, or would that not be recommended?
  8. I was looking for something in the 2-300 dollar range but I can go 50 to 100 or so more if I need to.
  9. I also won't have an additional CPU for updating the bios if that changes things.
  10. Any recommendations for a B450? I have a B450 mortar ti on it's way. Is there something that would give me more ports or just be a better board all around? I don't care about it being white and, for the $155 I paid, I thought I'd be better moving to a 570.
  11. I don't know what GPU would be the "best bang for your buck". $200-$300ish if possible.
  12. I'm looking to build a new school/intro to gaming rig. Games like Red Dead Redemtion, Watchdogs:Legion, Just cause and Battlefield. I haven't done a build in a while, I know little about video cards and motherboards. I'm open to any modifications for better parts that save money or gain significant real world improvements. I'm thinking about transferring my 3TB 7200rpm HDD at first, adding a SSD as well preferably 1-2TB probably before I even start the build. I already have 2 1080p HD monitors and would like to upgrade them to 4K in the near future. Thanks guys!
  13. I really don’t care what color it is. I think I was overwhelmed with all the options and reviews, I just picked that one. I’ve been getting more into gaming when I have time with coworkers and friends. That said, a mAtX is probably not the greatest return for the size. I’m open to ATX suggestions for a mobo. I do want to use a second or third gen AMD. But I don’t know if the 470/570x would work on my budget, but I have some wiggle room on the cost.
  14. So I haven’t done a build in years, but Ive wanted to get gaming build/every day user going. I’ve searched as much as I can and B450 seems the way to go. I ordered a MSI B450 Mortar Titanium ~$150, but have some reservations. I want to be able to run 2nd and 3rd gen AMD processors, while still getting an assortment of USB ports. I know the microATX is going to limit the ports. NVMe would be nice but not a deal breaker. I couldn’t care less about rgb. I was originally thinking a Ryzen 3 2200G processor, but I’m open to suggestions. I’m looking to spend about $300 on the mobo and processor. Any
  15. As far as the msi B450 variants what would be the best for the money in mATX specifically? I had also read something about 3rd gen Ryzen chips having issues. Can you verify? Just looking for more info, thanks