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  1. I'm still having issues with forum notifications on my phone, and I don't typically get notifications for Github until my email client syncs, so I've setup a small Discord server should anyone need help/have feedback. The info is in the OP, should anyone be interested!
  2. I did a simple meta redirect, and it seems to load the site relatively well in the emulator. It's somewhat sluggish, but that's probably because it's running inside said emulator. I've attached the exported IPK itself to this post, in case you're able/willing to sideload it. Let me know how it goes! town.bmlzoo_0.0.1_all.ipk
  3. I did some digging and found out that, apparently, their new reCAPTCHA implementation is causing some issues with direct API access. Until they implement the fix, logging in won't work. While a bypass could be implemented, this issue should be temporary (and I'm rather busy at work this weekend), so I won't be looking into such. I will post an update when logins are behaving again. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. I miss... Every single drop. Was (sort of) listening in the background while doing some paperwork for work, totally oblivious. *sigh*
  5. Which platform/device are you using? (Roku, tvOS, GoogleTV) Is 2FA enabled on your account?
  6. Currently, no, however I could look into it more in-depth when I have some time. Seems like WebOS is just that, an OS built around pre-existing web standards. I wonder if loading the Floatplane site itself via iframe would be sufficient.
  7. If you're comfortable with opening up an IDE, you can sideload/debug directly from Android Studio. I'd suggest Googling it. That said, I've also uploaded the pre-built/signed APK, if you want to go that route. The easiest way to sideload it, assuming you have an Android phone, would be to use one of the pre-existing apps from the Play Store meant to install APKs to a Firestick/FireTV (Apps2Fire worked just fine last I tested). The more complicated route involves installing ADB tools, enabling debugging, connecting with the TVs IP, and then installing. AndroidPolice has a decent art
  8. Everything is free, and the source code is available via Github. To use Hydravion, though, you do need an actual subscription on Floatplane.
  9. Finally broke down and ordered one of the new Chromecasts with AndroidTV the other day, so I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool once again... https://github.com/bmlzootown/Hydravion-AndroidTV
  10. Roku Client -- Update 1.6.2 Just pushed an update to fix livestreams. Since they usually stream with Twitch(?) as their CDN, I had a workaround setup for that, but apparently said workaround doesn't work for Floatplane's CDN servers. This should fix that, though, but I'll have to re-test once Linus is streaming again to be 100% sure. As far as I'm aware, the tvOS client is still working, but unfortunately I can't test it right now. If anyone notices anything broken, feel free to poke me!
  11. Roku Client -- Update 1.6.0 is now out. I've added the option to change edge CDN servers (main menu, * options, change server). If you were having issues with videos loading (usually either error -2 or seemingly infinite load times), this should hopefully fix that. The default is set to edge03-na, as that seems to be the best server on my end. I've also added an update dialog, so that when Hydravion updates, you'll be greeted by a short update summary when you next launch the channel. tvOS Client Expired cookies are now handled properly, prompting the user to
  12. Ever wake up after 2h of sleep? Yeah... That sucks. -.-

  13. Update! Since the start of the pandemic, things at work have been crazy. I've been wanting to work on this project for a while, but just haven't had the time/energy. Hopefully that'll change... eventually. tvOS The tvOS port has been added to the OP, and it still seems to work just fine. There's still more features to add, work to be done, of course. Roku The Roku version, however, has stopped working for me as of the latest Roku OS update. I'm not entirely sure whether it was solely the update, or just something locally, but it refuses to play any FP vid