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  1. Hello all, Just wondering if anybody else is having issues with Floatplane? For example the later video Yvonne Vs Wifey Sauce is locked and just says I need to subscribe to view this video. I've uploaded an image below.
  2. Oh sorry Jono, I probably fell asleep watching it or something (not because it was boring, but because I have terrible, unhealthy sleep habits!) My bad!
  3. Yeah I was thinking this as well, it's on YouTube but again nothing on floatplane. Any idea @LinusTech? Edit: Oooopppsss! Sorry, Jono said it had been on floatplane! I didn't see it, sorry all! Sorry Linus!
  4. How come this video has never appeared on floatplane at all?
  5. Still no comment from LMG staff at all? Please could somebody respond and at least let us know you are aware of this??
  6. Have you guys seen this at all? @LinusTech, @Slick I think this is affecting quite a few of us, and spoiling our much loved WAN show - particularly those with Misophonia etc. Sorry to push but I know how much that I look forward to the WAN show every week and it makes it really difficult to enjoy at the moment - obviously you guys are really careful not to hit tables or mic stands etc, maybe we could apply that to these types of sounds as well. Even better.... Maybe a no eating on stream rule? Or maybe just during the savage Jerky segment? Thanks for taking the tim
  7. Anybody know of a way we can get any LMG staff to see this? I'm not really sure of the best way.
  8. @LinusTech This might be worth you being aware of? There is a lot of love for the WAN show out there but it seems that despite its lack of nitrates, there isn't too much love for the Savage Jerky ASMR show.
  9. As some have mentioned I do actually suffer from Misophonia - I find the noises can border on actually causing my physical discomfort - I know that's totally my issue but it does seem that quite a few people are fed up of 'the savage Jerky show'
  10. So a quick glance through the comments on the latest WAN show will highlight the issue..... It's the eating and chewing of Savage Jerky whilst on microphone. For me and a lot of others is makes the show unwatchable and I personally had to skip the majority of the show. It can't be good for business for Savage - some people are literally saying that they wouldn't buy the product because of it! I've added a few of the comments below, this is from 3 mins of looking.... Let's just get this straight, I LOVE the WAN show but this can't go on....
  11. Problem with they is that they have quoted me a turnaround time of 10 days. In the UK we don’t have they many apple shops and I’m nowhere near one so need to post it off. I need my phone for work in that time so would much rather just do it myself. are the ifixit batteries any good? Obviously Linus loves the tools but I don’t know about the batteries! any recommendations from anybody?
  12. Hello all, My IPhone 6s battery has started showing signs of crapness and I am looking to replace it - what battery would people recommend? I don’t want to obviously get something that is just going to melt or burn my house down..... ideally... cheers all!