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  1. Just flashed it perfectly without any problems, now i dont need to use atikmdag patcher. Thanks.
  2. I have this PowerColor RedDragon RX 470 4GB (Single bios). I get this card from a local marketplace. The problem with this gpu is every time the driver is installed, i need to use this ati atikmdag patcher (https://sourceforge.net/projects/amd-ati-pixel-clock-patcher/). I will use this bios https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/185897/powercolor-rx470-4096-160731, it has same specification. Will my gpu died if i failed ?. From my last experience flashing HD 6950, when failed flashing it, i can use my igp to reflash it. Now with this RX 470 can i still flashing it from igp if
  3. Thanks, it's working now. The problem is the gpu port (need to plug to the d-sub first idk why). So i need to plug the monitor to the gpu first then back to the motherboard then back again to the gpu (HDMI port).
  4. Okay now im using the d-sub port from motherboard. and im gonna try to install the driver.
  5. So how im gonna do that ? right now im using onboard graphics.
  6. I plug the monitor to the gpu d-sub port, my monitor displaying a black screen and the monitor power led not blinking. If i tried plug my monitor to the other ports (hdmi & dvi) my screen show no display but the monitor led is blinking (from what i know if the monitor is blinking like that it didnt detect the gpu). Ty i hope you guys know what im saying.
  7. Solved, it work i dont know how, i just set the clock to 1500mhz & voltage to 1.25v. everything is normal without any bsod.
  8. I want to overclock my Vega 8 from Ryzen Master. But after i applying it then a couple of seconds later my pc start to freeze then bsod with the message "VIDEO TDR FAILURE, stop code: atikmpag.sys". My mobo & ram are: Asrock AB350m-HDV & 2x4GB V-Gen Tsunami 3200Mhz cl-16.
  9. That's still trip the breaker, after doing some research to prevent the inrush current i need to get a decent soft start. but it's not that cheap ?.
  10. thanks guys, i guess i'll try to keep my psu plugged until my house electric system fixed. or maybe i'll try to get some decent psu.
  11. I guess it's my house electrical system, cause i tested my psu at my friend's house, the breaker not turned off when we try to turn it on.
  12. Cause electric bill. My mom will scream if our electric bill is higher than usual.
  13. Is it safe to leave overnight my pc plugged to the electric socket after shutdown ? Cause everytime i plugged the psu my breaker switch off, so i need turned it on & keep the psu plugged. i'm using coolermaster silent pro m600 http://us.coolermaster.com/product/Detail/powersupply/silent-pro-m/silent-pro-m600.html.
  14. So it started when i was turned my pc on (from motherboard) after cleaning it & get into the bios (everything was good), then i realized my power button cable was broken when i want to turn the pc off, so i just open the front of my case to fix the power button. i forgot to turn off my pc, i just open the front case panel & fixed the power button. But when i look at my monitor it just turn blank before that it was idling in bios. so i just turned off the pc & started it again, then i heard my gpu fans so loud & it just blank. so i turned it off again to see my gpu & i didnt