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    AMD FX6300 Black Edition
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    AsRock 970-Extreme4
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    G.Skill Ares 8GB Kit DDR3
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    Gigabyte Radeon R9 280X Windforce
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    Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD 120gb + Blaze 120gb SSD + Segate Barracuda 1Tb + 3Tb NAS (Netgear 108 with 2x 3Tb Seagate NAS Drives)
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    Corsair GS700 V2
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    Main: Benq GW2470 , Secondary: Philips: 226V-LA
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    TTE-Sports Knucker
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    Logitech G402
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    Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2
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  1. Got to love how existing naming conventions were ignored. FTTC (UK) = FTTN (AU)
  2. It's more that I'm in a some what regional area with basically no used market
  3. Currently have an Intel Xeon E3-1230v6
  4. I play a fair bit of Rainbow six siege at 1080p 144hz, I also have my diy racing sim which I run 3x 1080 monitors at 60hz (assetto corsa, project cars, forza horizon 3), I am also possibly looking at going an getting a 4k pannel in the near future for games like rise of the tomb raider but I don't mind a slightly lower frame rate then. Also hitman 2 when it comes out.
  5. Hey all, I'm currently running a Gigabyte Windforce R9 280, and have been looking to upgrade for a while now. I'm currently stuck trying to decide on which to get: Based on my local pricing: Asus Turbo GTX 1070 ti - $589 Asus Turbo GTX 1080 - $759 and the RTX cards being quite far out of my price range at over $950 for a 2070. My question is am I really missing out by going for a 1070 ti vs the 1080 or the RTX cards? I know at this point in time all of these cards will be a huge jump in performance that what I'm currently running,
  6. I would also like to know if this would be possible, but I'm assuming there is still some form of encryption on accessing the download, I'm assuming there is no way to encrypt an rss feed is there?
  7. Mine is not over great, $130 AUD for around 8 down .8 up at best commonly hovers far below that. 1000GB cap. My only decent ISP is telstra so $$$, but the competition around me only gets me about 2 down at best. This plan also includes a landline phone. Also that is split between 5 people. Though I will be getting Fiber to the node mid 2019 so yeah a bit more of a wait to go.
  8. Hey All, If your in Australia and have been considering on picking up a steam link there currently going for $27 AUD at EB Games. Valid until Monday the 4th of September 2017. https://ebgames.com.au/pc-222649-Steam-Link-PC -Josh
  9. Then over here in Australia $100 for only 7 down and 0.25 up.
  10. I still have to wait until 2019 before ill even bother with looking at the nbn.
  11. I just resigned another 2 year deal with Telstra as there really is no better ISP in my area and January 2019 is a while away. worst thing is the 4 down 0.1 up speed i get with it. And even when it does come it will be FTTN. however another federal election will have taken place by then so there is possibility of a new government and more importantly a new plan for the people who still yet to receive the network. (aka: Those of us that have to wait for 2019)
  12. This is Telstra the costs of using this service will be astronomical.
  13. Agreed I feel that Mini-DTX would be much more popular then Mini-ITX. SLI in such a tiny box
  14. The issue that im seeing is that running through the capture card may disable the HDR on the console but I'm not entirely sure about that. Also HDMI can have issues when a run exceeds 10M, It may be worth using a hdmi splitter near where the xbox is and then running a single hdmi cable to the capturecard.