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  1. I will probobly just buy a new cooler as i really like that case.
  2. Umm, i own a xbox one controller, you can plug it in and play even if it has no batteries in it, if you use a micro usb cable to connect it to your computer.
  3. I really love blues. Love the clickieness.
  4. I built a new computer. Instead of buying case at first i spent more money on a GPU, and built my system insite an old, nasty case. I decided to buy Cooler Master Hyper 412S. Now that i finally have money to buy the case,i have found a case i really love. The problem is that the case has tempered glass side and from panels, so the clearance is neccessery. The clearance that ir shown on the cases description is 155mm, but as i said the coolers size is 160mm.
  5. There is a case names IBOX PASSION V4 ir is Micro atx, but includes i think 3 or 4 rgb fans has from and side tempered glass panels. Plus it also includes and RGB light strip in the box.