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  1. It just says evga w1 white 80+ on the box that i bought. I dont have the box for the first 400w one i have in the case but it also says evga on the psu 80+
  2. But dual psu setup exist. Why cant i make it work. The liam lee dynamic has a case for 2 PSUs. Why cant i do the same?
  3. The pc originally had a 400w psu. System specs recommended a 750w psu after an upgrade to a new gpu. Bought a cheap 500w psu to make up for the power difference
  4. I build my first dual psu system and my second psu is plugged into my gpu. I was confused as to why my gpu wasnt powering on after i hit my power button on the case, first psu has the 24pin connected to the mobo, then i realized i needed to jump start the 2nd psu by shorting 2 pins on the 24pin connector. If it safe to jump the second psu while my computer is on? Ive seen these dual bridge jumpers to start both PSUs at the same time but if i dont need to buy one that be great
  5. My question is, is there a way to overclock a cpu to have a higher boost clock? In all overclocking guide it always has the cpu running at max speeds at all times, but for power efficiency reasons I don't want the cpu to run at max speeds at all time I just want the cpu to run at a higher stable boost clock during loads.
  6. When I just started playing overwatch, on the menu/title screen, I noticed the gpu utilization shoots to 100% and the temperature rises along with the fan speed. Is it some kind of bug for the graphics card to be at 100% utilization while in the menus? Specs Vega 64 Adrenaline 18.8.1 driver
  7. So I have a thermaltake PS-TPG-0850MPCGUS psu and I cant seem to find a manual about the rails in my psu. I know the graphics card needs 2 pcie power connectors all connected to it's own 12v rail and not share one. But theres ln 2 slots for pcie cables and I wanna know if they share a 12v rail, but if they do share one can the rail handle 24 amps?
  8. The box says, thermaltake toughpower Grand Fully modular
  9. I recently bought an fury x off of Ebay and installed it in my Pc, ad said tested and works properly. During general use it works perfectly fine but once I'm in a game or putting the card under load the screen will freeze and turn black for a few seconds. After a few times of this happening my computer will shut down and reboot into windows normally like nothing happened. Anyone know why this would happen? It's not a overheating issue as afterburner registers it as 53°C I have not overclocked or anything, all stock Running AMD Adrenaline 18.7.1 dr