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    Stoigeboiii got a reaction from LloydLynx in Can't install Fedora on AMD 3000   
    It worked and I was able to install it. Thank you so much!
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    Stoigeboiii got a reaction from BTGbullseye in Looking at the 3070, what will I NEED to upgrade?   
    There are a few more reasons, like AMD being ahead in processors, if you ever want to record or stream your gameplay, or you have any hobbies that involve video editing, photo editing, 3d modeling, or animation. I personal like my amd processor. And how we use processors are starting to change for games, as consoles start to use more core. And consoles dictate games and how they work
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    Stoigeboiii got a reaction from BTGbullseye in Looking at the 3070, what will I NEED to upgrade?   
    People will now recommend AMD because they are more affordable for the long run as it seems. So if you got a b550 or x570 AM4 board then you will most likely be able to upgrade for much cheaper in the future. AMD normally offer 3 gens maybe 4 gens of cpus. So upgrading now will make upgrading in the future easier. Cause if you upgrade to a 9900k the next time you want to change CPUs it will cost you another motherboard as well. So it might make sense to do it now instead of later.
    I have a b350 board for my home nas and I could put a 3950x whenever I decide to. 
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    Stoigeboiii got a reaction from AeroMagnus in Should I get a new case or monitor first?   
    Do you have any intake fans at the top? If you can't get 75fps on 720p then you won't get 75fps on 1080p on the new monitor. So maybe you need to get the case first and see if it makes a change. I'd personally see if I can saw a hole bottom half of the front panel and add a fan(or even one to the top). Then make sure airflow is good. I don't see any airflow for the CPU either so maybe elevating it and putting fans on the bottom would be good. I could be wrong but it'd cool to tinker if you would get a new case anyway! Like if you break your current case then just get a new one. 
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    Stoigeboiii got a reaction from FakeCIA in New Channel Short Circuit to over take Pewdiepie   
    Thanks to Social Blade Predictions it will only take 133 Days for Short Circuit to hit 10 Mil
    P.S. This is a joke but I thought it was really funny

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    Stoigeboiii got a reaction from ItsCryptic in Unraid Learning   
    I just setup an unraid server. However, I have no idea what I'm doing. If anyone can reference some educational information that will help me fully understand some of unraid. Also any references for stuff that I can do on my unraid server.
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    Stoigeboiii reacted to nicklmg in The Smallest No-Compromises Laptop   
    Check the GPD P2 Max out on Indiegogo: https://lmg.gg/8KV5s
    Buy other GPD products on Amazon: https://lmg.gg/8KV5t
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    Stoigeboiii got a reaction from homeap5 in Upgrading to ssd   
    macrium reflect is the best Windows Cloner I used. Recently used it last week