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  • Birthday Dec 30, 1999

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    Middle of Nowhere, US
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    Comps (I guess thats given), Videagames, Most sci-fi things, Easy to do DIY stuff, I guess that's it...
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    Im kinda lame and uninstresting...
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    On Site Idiot At Pizzaria/Student at TCAT


  • CPU
    8600k @5.3ghz
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z370 mATX
  • RAM
    32gb TridentZ
  • GPU
    1060 6gb
  • Case
    Define C Mini
  • Storage
    2Tb SSD across three drives
  • PSU
    Masterwatt 650W Semi-Modular
  • Display(s)
    Acer ED242QR Abidpx
  • Cooling
    Dark Rock Pro 4
  • Keyboard
    Razer DeathStalker Expert
  • Mouse
    Razer Abyssus Essential
  • Sound
    Cyber Acoustics CA-3602
  • Operating System
    Preferabbly Win 7 but I had to switch on my main.. :(

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  1. Ill be switching over to a new account called ActuallyMediocreOC, Ive been using TBW for too many years and it feels dated

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. ThatBlockishWay
    3. imreloadin


      11 then go subscribe bro and learn some Actual Hardcore Overclocking xD

    4. ThatBlockishWay


      I already am... XD Got the Vcore shirt and everything

  2. The $50 GAMING pc is nearing completion, all thats left is some more wood burning and the monitor stand. Ive used some really cheap aquarium foam around the top of the lid to hopefully absorb some of the higher freq. sounds, its really porous and not very tight so in theory alot of sound will trap in it (Ive no actual knowledge on this just makes sense). Also Ive got a power button and magnets I got for $2 at walmart for securing the lid.



    1. imreloadin


      Is the top "lid" just held on with cupboard magnets xD

    2. ThatBlockishWay


      Probably, they were the cheapest magnets I could find at walmart... XD

      Edit: theyre surprisingly difficult to lift up after all four of them were in place though, I can flip it upside down no prob

    3. ScratchCat


      Replace the 460 with a 480. You then won't need to do any manual wood burning, it'll just catch fire.

  3. Just put lquid metal on the outside of my IHS and fixed the stuff inside (applied abit too much last time), 5.3Ghz @86C~ (Prime95 small FFTs). Feels good.

  4. So I turned the Minecraft 'Oof' into trap music...

    (Make sure you have some bass when you hear it)


  5. Sorry, there was alot of code being referenced and I didnt wanna do a full page of just script Is that it? Lemme check this... Good spot though, Id have never seen that Edit: Thank you so much, I spent literally hours trying to solve it
  6. So Ive been trying for forever to but I cant seem to figure out whats wrong, on the start.html file when I hover over the options my mouse stops using the custom cursor but on every other page it uses it. I cant figure out what in my code is causing the issue. Also you may wanna put your audio on mute, the test sound happens to be my ringtone. Maker.zip
  7. Eyyyyy, thanks. Was losing my mind trying to work around it
  8. You don't really wanna cheap out on the mobo if you're gonna get an x series chip, looks fairly solid (with the 1tb hdd in mind). If you're okay with used you can get 1070s on eBay for like $220, if not thats understandable. You might be able to get more budget with cheaper ram, I dont know too much about ryzen personally but if youve got a gpu the ram should be nearly as important for gaming as a better gpu
  9. Maybe steam OS is what you're talking about? Its got an Xboxish vibe, might be more along the lines than something windows can accomplish
  10. I was trying to get the box and borders only around the input for the <form> and nothing else but I couldnt get it to cooperate
  11. <form title= "You could've just hit start..."> <p> <sup><sup> <span> <mark class= "blue"><sub><sub>[</sub></sub><sup><sup>]</sup></sup></mark> <input type= "button" Text for option; value= "Act 1" onclick= "window.location.href='Intro.html'"/> <mark class= "blue"><sup><sup>[</sup></sup><sub><sub>]</sub></sub></mark> </span> </sup></sup> </p> </form> form { border-radius: 2vw; } p { position: relat
  12. So using this https://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/d/26741-make-borders-hug-text/2 I instead made it so the borders are really tight to the text and I'll just tweak the visuals around this insstead. not quite what I wanted but its close enough
  13. Prob when I whip out the dremel and start modding everything, or when I yell 'damnit' as I realise my old core2quad for a budget build has a soldered ihs and I shouldnt have tried delidding
  14. <form title= "You could've just hit start..."> <p> <mark class= "blue"><sub>[</sub><sup>]</sup></mark> <input type= "button" Text for option; value= "Act 1" class= "tblue" onclick= "window.location.href='Intro.html'"/> <mark class= "blue"><sup>[</sup><sub>]</sub></mark> </p> </form> I can't seem to get just the text 'Act 1' to have a box, instead it put the box around all of this.. how would I go about putting that into a seperate class or something? I thought putting 'class= '
  15. Looks pretty good, might wanna take the HDD cages out though since you dont need them anyway. Itll help the airflow Edit: In case you wanted a good review of that mobo