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  1. Hi! I always help my Buddies building new systems (gaming + light streaming, light video editing) and we have 3-4 systems / upgrades in the Pipeline that need a boost. If I could, I would have already build those with AMD Ryzen 5600x right now (or in some cases the higher core count variants). But we are still waiting for proper availability in Europe-Austria. Does anyone now about 5000 Series availability, especially in the EU Area? Are there any timelines? Will we be able to get parts before Christmas? Because we plan on gaming online together and of course play cyberpunk in
  2. Hello! i recently build a great new system with some nice second hand deals and warehouse deals. its main features is a delidded 8700k@5Ghz and Dual Vega 56's on a 240hz gaming screen and older TFT TV. I use it for normal PC gaming, gaming on the TV/couch, video editing, after effects, music, animation, drawing and entertainment. Its pretty much central in my living room, a space for creativity and fun. I added some pics (little things have changed meanwhile, tablet for drawing, condensator microphone, tube amp, etc.) Where ever crossfire profil
  3. Hello! I recently build a cool system with some nice second hand and warehouse deals: - 8700k @5ghz (delid with liqud metal) - Dual Vega 56 (oc'ed, undervolt. etc) - MB: ROG Maximus Hero XI - Main Monitor (always active): 1x BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 1080p@240hz over Display Port - Second Screen (sometimes active): 1x Very OLD 42" TFT TV 1080@60hz over HDMI - Edit: Windows 10 (Following Issues occurred over the last months over different updates) (ps: I always monitor Temps etc. ) Issue 1: Stuttering when using both Displays: My Main Monitor (Benq) shows weird stuttering when I also
  4. Hi! Gaming with capturing, streaming and also video editing seem to be a quite popular demand now. Games afaik currently perform best with cores (4) on very high speeds. Are there limitations for manufacturers to make a sort of "hybrid" cpu? For example: 4 fast cores for gaming 4 - 8 additional slower cores for other operations Is this something inconvenient or unpractical? If so, why? I'd like to learn! Thank you very much!
  5. I remember this video, hmm you are right, the heat generation could be compared.
  6. Hello everybody! Could you please help me with this Question: What would happen if I put a normal fanned water cooling block (for CPU cooling) into a mini fridge, at lets say 3 degrees celsius (above freezing point)? - Would it just heat up inside the mini fridge, canceling out its purpose? (Lets say my CPU Idles at 40°c with 70°c under load.) - And if it somehow works, would I have to deal with condensation crawling into my case? (like with sub ambient temperature cooling?) I searched the web for this and found similar post but no decisive conclusion. I've created this
  7. There is another Video with the Build, but i could not see what exactly he uses for cooling, just the fluid and the blocks. Correct me if i am wrong:
  8. So afaik most games will utilize not much more than 4 cores ...right? How practical is it to boost 4 Cores to a higher Boost Speed and assign those to the games?
  9. Thank you! Meanwhile i found interesting Overclocking Results with the Get 1 Threadripper!
  10. The Threadripper 2950X's Boost Clock is already 4.4GHz according to specs. If that could be pushed to 4,7 Ghz it would have the same turbo as a 8700k, but with 10 more cores and 20 more threads! I do not know how well Threadrippers can be OC'ed, but i am intrigued! Edit / ps: If it achieved a similar Result for gaming but much more Power for Rendering it could be an optimal CPU for me.
  11. Video: I render ALOT h265 clips with Premiere. ...alot. I also use AFX. Games: I play most of the modern shooters currently on 144hz 1080p. Will upgrade to ultrawide at some point. I do not stream but i used to record. I want to continue, but only if I feel no performance Issues. (I could also use an external system for capturing)
  12. Hi! These are the specs that recently dropped for the upcoming 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 2950X: 16 cores, 32 threads, a base clock of 3.5GHz and boost clock of 4.4GHz, for $899. Does anyone know at what FSB they will / could run? How far do you guys think we could overclock it and how? If we push a little over the 4.4ghz boost clock, how do you think could it perform in gaming compared to a 8700k for example? I am looking for a new video rendering / gaming CPU and am wondering if this could be a neat choice for me.