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    kittygamer2023 reacted to Snipergod87 in Upgrading to ssd   
    All drivers, you can find them all on the manufacturer's website like HP, Dell, or Lenovo etc.
    If you want to, before hand download them onto a USB drive so they are ready to go after reinstall
    Also Windows 10 can download and install drivers automatically but sometimes they are quite out of date.
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    kittygamer2023 got a reaction from IdiotPenguin in Mousepads!   
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    kittygamer2023 got a reaction from cj09beira in OC Capabilities question   
    i would pass until motherboard can be upgraded 
  4. Agree
    kittygamer2023 reacted to PlayStation 2 in I3 5th gen or Q6600?   
    A man of taste, I see with that profile picture.
    The i3 has more of an upgrade path, so I'd probably go with that.
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    kittygamer2023 reacted to NelizMastr in I3 5th gen or Q6600?   
    Tri-jets are awesome    L1011 and DC10 4 life yo.
    Go with the newer i3. Support and parts for it are cheap enough and you can still upgrade to something usable. The Q6600 is almost 12 years old now.
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    kittygamer2023 got a reaction from Metallus97 in I3 5th gen or Q6600?   
    I3 it is newer and way more upgradable