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  1. 19 minutes ago, lolpwnd31 said:

    My school hands out crappy $80 chromebooks, and they're starting to get on my nerves. I'm also a member of my school's robotics team (we do FRC) and the laptop we use is a garbo $100 laptop as well (2 gb ram AFAIK). I'm looking for something to replace both, preferably around $700-800.


    I won't be doing any heavy gaming on this; mostly just programming in Java. I might also do some light CAD work if we need to mill out any parts. I'll also be doing schoolwork (mostly just Google Docs) for around 6-7 hrs a day, so good battery life would be nice.


    I'm looking at the Acer Swift 3 and the Thinkpad E/T480. My main concern is build quality - I've heard that Acer's laptops are poorly built. I'm used to badly built laptops, but considering how infrequently I use them, I'm not sure how they'd hold up to daily use. Bumping up the E480 to an i7 + rx550 seemed enticing but the thermals drove me away from using a dGPU.


    Do you have any suggestions? Thank you



    Also it is on sale :)

  2. So i am building a "all around" PC that i will be doing casual gaming as well as photo and Light video editing on and i need to find a graphics card to pair with my ryzen 5 2600. I am looking to spend about $200 on in and i need to find the best option that i could currently buy. Currently i am thinking about a GTX 1060



  3. 1 minute ago, Boomwebsearch said:

    Is there a certain peak-brightness point you want you projector to be able to do, resolution that you want such as 4K or 1080p , or any specific features which it is a requirement for the projector which you are looking for needs to have?


    I know that the one which I will link in this post is well below the price point which you are looking for although I have had excellent experiences with RCA's customer service and the quality which they make their technology devices at and therefore I will provide a link to one of their LCD based projectors which comes with a remote:   https://www.bestbuy.com/site/rca-rpj116-wvga-lcd-projector-white/6306600.p?skuId=6306600

    1080p or better is ideal wifi enabled would be nice but is not a requirement. in terms of brightness it needs to be bright enough to see clearly with the lights on,

  4. I am looking for a projector around $300 USD and would like it to be pretty portable. I will be mostly using this for a home theater. 


    1080p or better is ideal 



  5. So i am building my first PC i will be doing light photo and video editing as well as some gaming.

    I would like to keep the price around $700 US dollars.

    What would you change?