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  1. This happened to a laptop I owned recently. In my case, temperatures were supposedly normal but the display would still freak out. I took the laptop apart and reapplied thermal paste on the CPU and dusted out the fans, and it seemed to fix the problem. However, I would not recommend disassembling a laptop unless you really know what you're doing and you don't mind voiding your warranty. Just take it to a repair shop or send it back to the manufacturer if you still have warranty coverage if you don't know how to work on a laptop.
  2. An AMD CPU will still serve you well in single-core performance. The newest Ryzen chips are 7nm and more advanced than Intel's. And you will get more cores for the same price.
  3. There are a lot of Google services that were cut from Edge, and these cut services help contribute to better performance. All the services that were cut had something to do with data collection, so if you like privacy that is great.
  4. An RTX 2070 is overkill for a 1080p panel. An RTX 2060 will serve you well and will be cheaper.
  5. I think if there was bad bulbs then there would also be a bunch of blown out pixels. I think that the problem is most likely something to do with heat dissipation. This laptop did only cost $600.
  6. Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

  7. I have an Acer TUF Gaming FX504 that is having issues with the display. Whenever I turn on the laptop, over half the screen is a mess. I can't see what is on the display. The problem sometimes goes away after a few seconds, but usually I have to force shut down and wait a few minutes. I think the problem is heat related, but I'm not sure. Is there any way I could fix it myself?
  8. The 2nd-gen Ryzen CPU is faster than the 1st-gen. So the Ryzen 3 2200G is the best option.
  9. I would upgrade to the Ryzen 3 2200G. The only thing the APU has over the Ryzen 3 is integrated graphics, which does not matter if you are already getting a discrete GPU. Also keep in mind that if you are purchasing an older Ryzen motherboard you may have to update the BIOS.
  10. The Kaby Lake G project has been quietly killed. Intel announced on Monday that the product has been discontinued. People who have laptops with it will continue to get driver support for five years. I would say I saw this coming, given the fact that very few devices actually ended up using it. I am disappointed because I thought this would make manufacturers get together and improve their products faster, but I guess that will never happen.
  11. I think that you should upgrade your laptop. With the amount of travelling you do, it will be much more convenient than having to make sure you have all the necessary files synced between a desktop and a laptop.
  12. Only AMD's 3rd gen chipset supports PCIE 4.0, so no, Z390 does not support it. I wouldn't worry about the card being underutilized, all those PCIE lanes will not really affect the average consumer. They would be helpful if you do something with a lot of PCIE cards, but otherwise, don't worry about it.
  13. Did you remember to install the motherboard standoffs? If you didn't, then the motherboard shorted out on the back of the case.
  14. The Radeon RX 5700 cards are $40 off right now. These cards are ideal for 1440p and high refresh rate 1080p gaming.
  15. Watching the Moving Vlog series.