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  1. I forgot to update this thread with what the culprit was and it was bad Windows updates, none of my hardware was the problem.
  2. Currently i have 8 Noctua NF12 fans on a PWM hub and set up in Fan Expert 4 to go by CPU temp, but ever since i upgraded to a higher resolution my GPU temps go up to 80C while my CPU is sitting at 40C, is there an option in the bios or any kind of software that would go off both GPU and CPU temps? Edit: going to give Argus Monitor a try Update: Argus works amazingly and solved my problem, a mod can delete this
  3. When you say have the radiator fans as intake and the case fans as exhaust, should the radiator fans be in front of the radiators or behind or does it even matter?
  4. The Kraken G12 paired with the Corsair H80i is cooling my Strix OC 1080ti, though i underclocked the card and it sometimes goes into the upper 80's in Borderlands 3, so i'm trying to figure out what is causing such high temps in the card. My cpu is the 9700k which is also underclocked and delidded with liquid metal and a pure copper ihs and temps are high 70's as well.
  5. No the 240 rad is exhaust, the 120 rad is intake and the two fans at the top are also intake.
  6. So have the rear radiator fan as intake to, are you sure? The rear radiator is to the Kraken G12 mod on my gpu and my gpu temps get way hotter than the cpu, is it okay to be pulling in the gpu heat to the inside of the case and that technically is blowing hot air through the cpu aio as well?
  7. I want to change my airflow configuration in my micro-atx case and i was thinking of changing it to where i have a 240mm cpu aio mounted at the top with the fans as exhaust and have my other 120mm gpu aio mounted at the rear of the case and the fan also set as exhaust and then the two fans in the front are set as intake is that a good configuration with 2 fans intake and 3 radiator fans as exhaust or should i change it? I figure it would be bad to have the radiator fans set as intake because it would take the hot air from the radiators and pull it inside the case, i'm no expert though! My curr
  8. Oh i see what you mean, i will check the settings. Edit: Seems the voltage was the issue the whole time. I followed a YouTube guide to overclock it about 2 years ago and never messed with it, since in almost every game i got decent temps. I turned the voltage all the way down in GPU Tweak II and still managed a decent overclock and RDR2 has barely gone passed 70C after 20 minutes of gameplay. I feel like an idiot, thanks for your help
  9. What are you talking about? Asus GPU Tweak II displays both GPU usage and temps and it does show 90C in RDR2 and the usage is at around 40%. I was saying i'm not having temp issues in any other games except for RDR2.
  10. I'm almost positive it's fine, temps are fine in every other game i own, Destiny 2 doesn't often break 50C and Jedi Fallen Order gets around maybe 74C after playing for an hour. I feel like it's something with RDR2 specifically cause it gets to 90C in 5 minutes no matter the graphics settings i have.
  11. I do have the radiator fan set to CPU controlled all four fans are setup through Fan Xpert 4 with custom fan curve, but the 92mm fan the Kraken G12 came with i replaced with a Nocuta one and i have a custom fan curve set to 100% through GPU Tweak II since it's not that loud to me, but it could be the radiator fan is the culprit this is how i have it setup currently (arrows indicate airflow direction):
  12. So i have the Asus Strix 1080ti OC with the Kraken G12 mod and the H80i v2, previously i had the pump and fan running off the GPU fan connectors, but i was worried that the pump would not run at full speed, so i plugged it in to the CPU_OPT header and used iCUE instead and set the pump to extreme and it now says the pump is running at 2800rpm give or take. When i launch RDR2 i noticed my PC felt a bit toasty and it says my GPU is running at 90C. I don't what's wrong the other games i own don't go past 70C like ever. I tried plugging the pump back into the GPU fan header and reducing the graphi
    1. Dandapani


      Hey !

      is that the NZXT H500 series case ?

      I have the same one, with same color !

    2. Cottontails


      Actually it's the H400 micro-atx form factor, had it imported from the UK because NZXT stopped selling it.

    3. Dandapani


      Thats nice... cool build by the way...take care.

  13. Yeah i was actually going off your recommendations ?. So those amps will work with my Behringer MicroMON MA400?
  14. Which amp would you recommend my budget is $100 give or take?
  15. The behringer isn't really an amp and is not powerful enough for my dt 990 pro's it's used as a mixer to create sidetone as i mentioned above, so i need a separate amp, because the volume does not get loud enough.
  16. I have the Behringer MicroMON MA400 that i use to create sidetone on my DT 990 Pro's 80Ohm with the Mod Mic (basically allows you to hear yourself talk through your headphones without any kind of delay), but it doesn't power my headphones. I was looking at getting the FiiO E10k which was recommended to me, but i have no idea how i would connect it with the Behringer and then to the PC. I'm new to amps and dacs and don't know much about the setup process. So basically i'm trying to figure out how i would add the E10k without losing my Sidetone setup? This is how it is setup currently
  17. Hey i saw your posts from another article where you say not to go with the Fiio e10k, why would you recommend that to me specifically? I mean i am trying to budget, but i'm willing to save up for something more suitable if necessary. A lot of people are telling the op not to go with that one, so i'm just trying to be cautious. Here is your post from this topic "worth it just not with a e10k. also if you wanna get a dac amp and are considering schiit stack consder monoprice liquid spark or the jds labs atom as they are significantly bettter than a magni and the same pr
  18. Looking for an amp that isn't too pricey that will power my Beyerdynamic dt 990 Pro 80 ohm headphones. The volume is too low for me and the bass isn't very strong. Any suggestions that will fit my needs in the $50 range or do i need to spend a lot more than that?
  19. Forgot to mention they are 80Ohm and the motherboard is the Asus Maximus XI Gene
  20. I purchased the Beyerdynamic dt 990 pro's but they are not very loud even with the amp i have here, i was planning on paring it with the Modmic 5, but it's becoming really expensive if i also have to buy a better amp. I was was wondering if i should just abandon this project and go with the Corsair Virtuoso headset instead and save nearly $200?
  21. Update: I flashed the bios to the new version 1302, Newegg sent me a replacement kit just to be sure the previous wasn't just DOA and it works flawlessly they're so beautiful with the rock candy rgb ^-^
  22. Apparently the qvl list of supported ram for my specific motherboard has support for nearly every model of the GSkill Royal ram, but not my specific model, an Asus rep told me i would have to buy a different kit or wait for them to add support, super ridiculous!