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  1. I haven't used OSX for a few years, but here are a cople https://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/dd-utility-write-and-backup-operating-system-img-and-iso-files-memory-card-or-disk https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-create-disk-image-on-mac-os-x-with-dd-command/ https://shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/SuperDuperDescription.html
  2. I can't comment on the specific device, but the closest to chrome os you can get without buying a chromebook is https://www.neverware.com/freedownload/
  3. How about a non x86 platform? Or no Intel/AMD?
  4. What state are you in? In California, it is easy to get Win10 Edu keys from http://store.collegebuys.org/ with an edu email address, Other schools should be https://onthehub.com/download/free-software/windows-10-education-for-students/
  5. '08... Snow Leopard DL DVD ISO images seem to be available at https://archive.org/details/SnowLeopardInstall
  6. If popos doesn't work either, I recommend OpenSUSE Leap Mageia is a nice distro as well, but it doesn't have the large community of SUSE or *buntu
  7. What GPU do you have? If it's AMD, you could try OpenSUSE tumbleweed; if nvudia, maybe blacklist nouveau or try PopOS?
  8. Another +1 for *buntu ( prefer kubunu myself) IMO OpenSUSE leap is nice to start on too
  9. Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches (RK-9000V2 BR) no windows keys here
  10. There's always sparkylinux or solyd x/l too, the xfce/lxde/lxqt desktops are pretty lite. If you really want something that can only browse the web, https://porteus-kiosk.org is good
  11. https://www.neverware.com/freedownload/ or https://www.android-x86.org?
  12. SparkyLinux, SolydX/K or Xubuntu if you don't want to go for arch or funtoo. Fedora has LXQT/LXDE/XFCE spins as well
  13. Linux is Linux. there is really no such thing as a gaming distro Some distros, like OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Fedora, *buntu, Mageia & Arch have newer mesa drivers if you have an AMD GPU
  14. I suggest you start over. wipe your USB (minitool partion manager is a good one for windows, gparted is a good livecd too Use etcher.io to burn your image I recommend kubuntu, pclinuxos or opensuse leap