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  1. I tried within 3 months and they wanted to charge me already. I wonder why the XPS 15 doesn't use the ridiculous "hinge" mine has. Event though I pay for the service, what are the chances of this never happen again? I think it is 0.
  2. Thanks! I do have everything but it was bought online and they really don't care about helping me. I can try gorilla double side tape and see what happens.
  3. Hi all. Today, it has been almost 1 year since I bought my Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1. Three months after receiving my laptop, the screen and the top part started to detach from each other, as shown below. I could not understand the reason for this problem, considering I was taking such good care of this brand new equipment. I called Dell Canada, expecting they would either: replace the bad one or fix it. Instead, I was told that this was caused from bad use and they would charge me for the fix. I was always extremely careful with the laptop, it never felt down, th
  4. OCCT is just an example and easy to reproduce so you guys can see the problem. It's better to download it then Gears 5. I like to play games and whenever they have stats of your VRAM it shows 6.7 and not 8 GB. That's the usable VRAM for them, not the total amount. Do you think it's correct?
  5. It's not about this program, it's about availability of our GPU VRAM, my card didn't lose 1.3 GB of VRAM but it's not available for any third software but Windows. Some games have shown me stats of 6.7 instead of 8 GB of VRAM available when I turn on in-game stats. It should raise some concerns. OCCT is one of them only, easy to download and you can see by yourself this issue exists. Windows 10 made this an issue since WDDM 2, maybe it's not a issue for most of us but 1.3 GB is a lot to take for whatever Windows resource...
  6. It seems it's a Win10 WDDM 2 issue (or feature), since first w10 release (Windows Display Driver Model) There's no workaround and people complain about it since 2015
  7. Gears 5 is fresh new, so as OCCT, it's a well kown benchmarking tool. Just open it and post what it shows. If it shows 8GB we can try some steps to solve my problem, otherwise it might be a known problem
  8. Because maybe windows is eating some memory for no reason, like to m$ topic has shown and nobody knows we might have this problem too. Not having 1.3GB of VRAM is not ideal
  9. It shows 8 GB correctly, can you try to load OCCT? It's a Windows 10 problem, reserving some % amount of vram of every gpu. For instance my streaming pc has a 1660Ti and OCCT only shows 5GB instead of 6. But Geforce Experience and CPU-Z show 6GB.
  10. And I've found this article https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/15b9654e-5da7-45b7-93de-e8b63faef064/windows-10-does-not-let-cuda-applications-to-use-all-vram-on-especially-secondary-graphics-cards?forum=win10itprohardware
  11. Hi guys, sorry for the long wait. OCCT shows the same thing. I don't know where to begin to solve this issue.
  12. Hi, Recently I've noticed my gpu has only 6.7 instead of 8 GB of RAM available. As you can see the stats on the right playing Gears 5. Is it a issue, bug, configuration? How can my system have 8 GB available? Thank you
  13. I figure it out the dumbest way. Format my PC again, clean install, 1903 version and I didn't install any driver from the vendors. Just let windows 10 figure everything out and it's running perfectly. That's so stupid but works.