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  1. sweet thankyou. I was hoping it was some sort of quick restart button but that works too.
  2. Thanks but no thanks. I don’t have it, be a smartass elsewhere
  3. The physical address listed in the command prompt when I do a ipconfig /all command is different than the MAC address listed when I log into my router on the web and view connected clients
  4. How do I fix this? I feel like it may be the cause of my internet issues. its a desktop pc and I am connected via Powerline adapter. I did also have a wifi adapater plugged in for a while but it’s out now.
  5. Internet speed on my computer keeps on having these massive drops. I’ll have 20Mbps down for one second, then the next it’ll be 0.05. It’s been stuck on the latter for the past 3 hours. I really don’t know what the issue is. My phone was having the same problem yesterday where the internet was so slow I couldn’t even browse. Now it has 85Mbps down. My brothers PC has the same issue aswell, but his is much slower. It seems that 99% of the time laptops (everyone has a Mac) and iPhones are completely unaffected. I personally think this is some really stupid bandwidth optimization from the router
  6. So I just ran a speed test and Im getting 0.59 mbps dl and 17 mbps upload. When using a wifi adapter on the same computer I get 40mbps download and around 11 upload. Any advice?
  7. Yea, that's what Im thinking aswell. I wish that there was some third party company that could hold onto the item until I confirmed it was legit and paid.