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  1. So simple as that.Going to see if this would be better than crappy monitor speakers pointing away from me thanks.
  2. So I can't just connect them to an amp?Do I need a stereo?
  3. If there is a physical copy it will come with multiple disks.
  4. Have some Sony front left and front right speakers just laying outside.I was wondering if its possible to use them in stereo without owning the rest of the pieces. They look like this:http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-OF-SONY-SS-TS52-FRONT-SURROUND-SOUND-SPEAKERS-HOME-THEATER-SATELLITE-/121546019037
  5. Thanks got it.Can't believe no one took it after all this time. @Senor Potato
  6. Only for Xbox One. http://www.ea.com/eaaccess/ We only have to wait 2 days though.
  7. Get Smash you can always get ORAS later if your only playing it for the story.
  8. My favorite part is the Kuhler 1250 because it's a unique looking cooler and it has leds that change by temperature.
  9. So I started playing Bf4 and it didn't shut off when my PC was on its side psu getting more air,so I guess it is the psu some how but only with BF4.Now with it being standing up it shut off with bf4 but when not running Unigine Valley on max 1080p. Edit:I just tried running Valley and with pc on its side and this time it finally made it shut off.I also just looked at the gpu-z log and the highest temp my 7850 went was 64c.
  10. That's a signature.Do you see where my PC specs are listed you can basically put anything there following the CoC .
  11. I haven't updated my sig but I cleared cmos 2 days ago.
  12. I have my pc now on its side where it can get more air,so I'm going to load up Bf4 and see what happens.
  13. Already did a repair install yesterday. Yes it is but I ran Unigine Valley and it didn't shut my PC off if it is psu is a problem.
  14. Everytime I play Bf4 within 5 min my pc just shuts off.Now I know its Bf4 because I ran Unigine valley for 15 minutes after rebooting my Pc and launching Bf4 multiplayer for the 5th time.It shuts down like if someone just yanked the power cord from the wall.Nothing is overheating. Edit:Everything is at stock.
  15. So will it be possible now to use Paypal on Amazon.What prevented the use of Paypal on Amazon before?
  16. I would rather buy Super Smash bros and get this game for free.
  17. As long as the subscription is an option then its fine.But imagine if win 7/8 isnt useable anymore it will be like paying a subscription just to play games.
  18. I really want to try it out but,man codes are hard to get.I wonder how good it feels for a portable smash bros.
  19. Congratulations to Linus Media Group.Been watching since late 2010 built my first PC in 2011 because of you.
  20. Does it only support the wii pro controller?
  21. If the game is on steam then yes.
  22. You can install the game from Steam or with the disk,but you dont need the disk to play it.