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  1. is there anything i should enable/disable in the bios?
  2. how much vcore should i go up because i don't want to burn my chip
  3. How should i configure my ram beacause I dont think it can be ocerclocked and If I use the oc genie button it goes to 4.2 on 1.350,so should I rise the vcore
  4. I am trying to overclock my i5 2500k to 4.6 but i everytime i use prime 95 i always get a blue screen like 1 minute of running it,im trying to find out why its doing it.I dont think it over heats because on core temp its in the 40's. mobo:MSI z77-gd55 ram:GSkill Ripjaws 1333 psu:Corsair TX750 Mobo settings: cpu ratio-4.6 vcore-1.355 internal pll voltage disabled intel turbo boost disabled enhanced turbo disabled spred spectrum disabled EIST enabled C1E support disabled intel C state enable overspeed protection enabled
  5. Thank you Intel,Gigabyte and Linus for this chance at winning something awesome.